Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas/Pre New Year's limbo

We have entered that no man's land between left over turkey and putting away all the decorations for another year. I traditionally do that New Years Day. Everything looks so bare afterward. If I eat another cookie I swear I will bust. I have been non stop munching. Carl had to work Christmas Day in the evening. Boxing Day we went to see Mom in the hospital. She wants out of there. Well, actually she wants to go home. I am not going to be the person to tell her that is not going to happen. She is weak but has her faculties...most of the time. Which is a great relief. Now if we could get her moved somewhere a little nicer we would all be happier. I mean how hard could it be to put her chair by the window. They want her to sit up each day. Parked in a corner staring into a bleak hospital room .... blech! Poor Mummy, I cried on the way home. I hate leaving her.
I woke up this morning with that dry scratchy throat that usually heralds laryngitis. Oh joy... oh bliss..sarcastic comment by me. My nearest and dearest mumbled something like, "Oh that is too bad." (me thinks I detected a snicker) So here I am on my break at work. My throat hurts to talk on the phone. As long as it doesn't ring I may actually get something done.

After lurking on the Gossamer Web Group on Ravelry I have decided on my Major project for 2010. I am going to knit The Queen Susan Shawl. I am up for a challenge and this should just about fill the bill. I emailed Fleegle with my yarn choice and I have started to swatch with some cobweb merino I had in my stash with some 1.75 mm needles. I have knit with 1.25 mm before. So I mean," How hard can this be?" Sure tempt the knitting gremlins, fool. I downloaded the 73 page pattern and have given it a cursory read. Some major studying is in order. It appears to be basic stitches and I will concentrate on completing the center panel before I move on to the edgings. Choices choices I have to pick which center I will knit. That will be the second step.

The first step was deciding on colour. I was all set to go for a deep Isle of Capri Blue when this appeared before me. Ergo, I have decided upon this delightful yumminess, called Black Plum! Merino, Cashmere and Silk.
When I am old.....I will wear luxury!

I have also started a new picture header for the blog for 2010. Choosing the pictures has always the most fun. Narrowing them down to three or four is the hard part. I would like to represent the Queen Susan Shawl as that will be my major knitting project this year. It is still up in the air what else I will choose. Stay tuned for that. Back to the shawl. I will be tracking the progress on the knitting blog. I may add a progress bar over here just for fun..and to keep me focused. Three weeks and 2 days and I will be basking in the sun on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.....sigh

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well, I hope everyone has had a Happy Christmas. Carl got called into work so that meant we had to have our Christmas supper at 2 pm. It has been a quiet day. I tried to call my Mother (at the hospital) there was no answer. My brother and sister in law and nieces were there today and By all accounts she ate a roast beef dinner and cherry cheese cake that Deb brought in. Hopefully Mom was sleeping it off. Tomorrow we are going to see her.
Carl just called he is on his way home. We are going to have our coffee and pie at 9pm. Probably not a good idea for me I will end up with killer heartburn. Ah well it is Christmas.
Thought you might get a kick out of this picture. Recognize the ponytail? Yup, that's Gene Simmons. He and Carl (on the right) had quite the chat while Carl was driving them around. I was impressed that Gene sat up front like "real people."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's very disappointing.....

I am a trusting soul I know. You think I would learn but noooooo.
I went out to my car this morning and the inside was a tip. I forgot to lock the door last night. The glove compartment was emptied, the storage box between the front seats was emptied. They even went through the litter box.
Missing: one Rosary, (how low is that?) and my cup full of change ( my emergency coffee money).
I would have a little more compassion if they had taken the hat, mitts, scarf and the quilt of the back seat thinking perhaps they were cold and alone. They obviously have no literary skills.There was a Chapters bag with 2 new books left behind.
If this tale sounds familiar it is because It has happened before. As I said you think I would learn!
So, whoever you are I have one word for you, KARMA.
I will not let this bother me. My Mother continues to improve a little "loopy" at times but forgivable in a "little old lady." I just want to see her back up on her feet and out of that hospital. The rest of my family is thriving and I am better now that I have ever been.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas week.......

If you haven't read Franklin's latest cartoon then I would suggest you go do so now. I laughed so hard.
Here we are at Christmas Week and I am over whelmed. My mother is on the elevator of reality again. When I got there yesterday she very politely asked me,"...and may I ask who you are?" Then the "doors open" so to speak and she is back with us before she is gone again to another floor. It was a very stressful visit. My brother will be at the hospital today to demand some explanations. We will have a conference via Skype tonight.
My computer at work did a nasty on Friday...ahem...user error. Sometimes we can't blame everything on computers. Good thing I have my own personal IT Tech. About 8 hours to unscrew what I screwed up. Go figure one click at the wrong time.
I discovered a new toy and amused myself last night creating Tattoons of my nearest and dearest.

I dare say they will have no trouble identifying them selves. I am going to do the grand daughters next.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Advil morning

Yesterday was a three Advil morning, I am being optimistic.

We arrived at the hospital to find Mummy sitting up in bed. A little confused but chatting away. David looked at me, as if to say, What are you doing to me? Hey, I said ask your brother. She knew who we were. Paul almost fell over when he arrived and saw her. I said, "Please tell your brother about the last three days." The Dr never came in to see her. I am sure he thought there was no point. By the end of the day she was munching on a donut and sipping a Pepsi. Two things she seldom if ever asks for. One of her grand sons was there also. We all laughed and talked all afternoon.

I think this is an "energy surge" the last hurrah so to speak. Not to doubt the efficacy of prayer and if she continues to improve this is a gift from God. Sure, she will get stronger and I am ready to collapse. Today I am going in to work for the day. I have to call the chiropractor as my right side is in spasm I can hardly type and I have so much to do. David will call after he sees her today and after he talks with the Dr. She had a CT scan yesterday.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Abbysmum: I am going to the book shop after work and look for those titles. I need some escapism right now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am worn out. tired, pooped, stressed. you name it. I am waiting for my brother to arrive on the 1 am train. It hasn't snowed until tonight...of course. Carl is in Toronto on business this evening and "if" he gets home in time he will pick up my sibling at Via Rail. If the 401 is snow covered it will slow him down and I will bundle up and go to the station.
Corinne and Evan went with me to visit my Mother today. She is weak and vague. I had an opportunity to speak with the Dr. She has pnuemonia and the Dr says she is "spiraling down." Tomorrow I will go with my brother back to the hospital, meet with our younger brother and see how she is doing. Poor Mummy would not like to see herself like this.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

What a day!

Thirty years ago around lunch time today I first held my "chosen sweetie." He was 5 and half months old and was so wonderful to hug. His father and I met at the adoption agency office with our social worker and the baby's. Her name was Miss Rose and she wanted to meet with us before she felt comfortable parting with her charge. He was an adorable baby and everyone loved to snuggle him.

Now he is tall and slim with premature grey in his black hair. Hard to believe he was such a butter ball. I am so proud of the man he has become.

Today was my Grandmother's birthday. I called her Nana my children called her GeeGee ( short for Great Grandmother). She passed in her 97th year. Today she would have been 113 yrs.

A class act all the way from her high heel shoes, White Shoulders perfume and her ever present string of beads. She has always been my example. I miss you Nana.

To round out this emotion filled day, is the status of my mother. We went to see her yesterday at the hospital. She was asleep when we got there. My first impression was "Mummy where did you go?" There is hardly a lump in the blankets she has become so small. She is loosing her brightness and her concentration wanders. I took the unprecedented action of signing on her behalf for a procedure that must be done and she refused last week. Without a "thorocentisis" (sp?) she will continue to go downhill. The emotional impact of taking this action has over whelmed me. My mother has always been a commanding presence in my life. My father used to say she could teach a Scots man how to be frugal and a Sicilian how to hold a grudge. Suffice it to say you didn't cross her. Now she is a frail little person. There are risks involved but the risk of not doing it outweighs any other. My brother's are in full agreement it has to be done. Hopefully as her breathing improves she will get stronger physically as well as mentally. So, I am a wreck.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hola Mexico!

This is the Las Brisas resort (red roofs) in Huatulco Mexico. South of Acapulco. Our flight is booked and paid ( with cancellation insurance...just in case).
That is the Pacific Ocean! Six weeks from now I am going to be having breakfast under a palm tree. Packing will commence after the New Year, too many things going on right now to think about it.
Once upon a time when I was a wee girl there was such-a-thing as the "Children's Tea Party." Mrs McMillan, (I remember that her hair was worn in braids wrapped around her head)was the dietitian at the hospital and rented a flat from my parents. She hosted one of these tea parties and the pink bell in the picture was a favour from that day. It had candies in it. This had to be prior to 1955. I think of her every year when I hang this on my tree. The smurf is one of the toys that has been on the tree since my children were little.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am not good at this...

Mom is supposed to be having a procedure today. Or rather at 9:30 am today. The Dr. was supposed to call my brother who was going to get some answers out of him before hand and then call me.
Waiting is not my strong suit. I do not wait I knit to I distract myself. I am at work on a tea break. I do not have knitting. The phone is not ringing to keep me busy.
Instead I am watching the clock. That was a mighty long 2 hours and still nuttin'.
I pruned my plant.
Emptied the recycling box.
Back to the book keeping........

later the same day: Oh, fun we get to do this again tomorrow, nothing happened today.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Deluge

Last night it was cold and it was snowing. Very pretty... as I didn't have to drive in it. This morning it is a deluge. The temp is above 0, the "ketch" basins are plugged with fall leaves and the water is backing up in pools into the roadway. The rain continues to pour down. Pedestrians are in dire peril of becoming engulfed in great swaths of water every time a car tears down the street. Yes, "tears" as in driving too fast. All the little boys are behind the wheel this morning deliberately driving through the puddles trying to see who can throw up the largest sheet of water. Winter comes to Ontario. Next it will freeze and then we will really be in a pickle. I was thinking of driving to Chatham to see my mother in hospital but 1. I am uncomfortable driving in the dark and 2. icy roads scare the begeezus out of me. Looks like I will be creeping home tonight.
On the knitting front: Truly I am knitting with a "hot" needle now. Here I thought I had everything figured out and now I discover Michael's vest needs another motif in order to be long enough. This was the week I thought I would be "cutting the steeks." Maybe this weekend. Wait, it has to be this weekend. Not a problem I can do this.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Home made bread

My mother is in the hospital again and I have, of course, thought a lot of the past when she was a vibrant active person. We never had "store bought" bread in the house when I was growing up other than 3 times. Once when she had her tonsils out and then when my brother's were born. It was the "cross I bore" that I had "funny" bread for my sandwiches in my lunch pail. Children can be so cruel. " How come your sandwich looks funny?" I had a friend that used to come over to the house and would inevitably sit on the bread where it was rising under a blanket in the corner of the couch. This was before the days of "family rooms" where the living room was the room we lived in. Eating was done in the kitchen and homework and sleeping was done in the bed room.
Oh, for such a structured life in today's society.
My grand daughters, 2 of them, came for the weekend. We shopped, went to the movies, dragging Carl along, and had a smashing good time. Skip Disney's latest offering of the Christmas Carol in 3D. It could have been so much better. Alister Sim is the quintessential Scrooge and somethings should just be left alone. Youngest GD wore the Digital 3D glasses the rest of the weekend. The movie queen diva doncha know. I call her "Tallulha"...as in "Bankhead".....go google it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cotten Pickin'

It seems inevitable that today would go by with out a mention of President Kennedy's assassination. As the population ages, and that includes me too, it lessens in importance and becomes a moment in history. As hard as you may find this to believe the same thing will happen about the bombing on 911. We have become so hardened in our response to human anguish. I can't help but fear for humanity.
On a more joyful note. We watched a program about Folk Singer and American Icon Pete Seeger this evening. It was wonderful and brought back bitter sweet memories of our younger days. He is 90 now, hard as that is to believe. We learned a bit of trivia I had to pass on.

Have you ever heard the expression "cotten picken'?" For example in "have a cotten pickin' good time"...etc. Meet Elizabeth Cotten who wrote the song. "Freight Train" when she was 12 and sang with Pete Seeger when she was in her 60's. She hadn't sung or played guitar for 40 years when she went to work for the Seeger family. She was left handed and played the guitar in a way that became known as ...."cotten pickin' !" She was born in 1895 and was still singing into her 90's.

I just love a feel good story. She sings her song at about the 4:25 mark in the above link. Enjoy!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Abbreviations ??

Not such a busy week just seems like it went faster. Trick of the human mind. I am one week into getting myself back into control and I am feeling much better.
Had a wonderful time at the "function" last weekend. Got a bunch of knitting done, see OTHER blog, pictures to be posted tonight.
Today's thought provoking post is going to be about abbreviations. Once upon a time we had a best friend now we have a BFF. 'Cept for my daughter who was the "be...fri.." and Dessy was the "..st..end." I remember reading a blog where the knitter described herself as a WSSAHM or something like that. I just about went nuts trying to figure that out.
I work in an office. Since we crawled out of the primordial ooze. Streets were St, Avenues were Ave, Cres were Cres, Circle, Cir, Court Crt. You get the idea. Now for the sake of "speed..(?)" we are down to 2 letters. Do you see where I am going with this? Cr, what the heck is that? Cres, Circle, Court? London is notorious for having the same name on a variety of addresses. One of the little crosses I bear. Hell hath no fury like a repair technician sent to the wrong address. Believe me.
My other peeve this week is about drivers turning left at the intersection but we won't go there. They obviously do not read this blog or they wouldn't keep being the jerks they are. Just in case the man who drives the white van and turns left at the corner of Jalna & Bradley around 4:15pm everyday is reading here. For the love of everything holy, would you please pull forward when the light turns green. Sheesh, I can not see through you . FOOL. I feel so much better.
Had my H1N1 shot. First time I have ever had a reaction. Feels like someone rabbit punch my arm. I would rather put up with this for a day or so than take a chance on getting sick. That could seriously cut into my knitting time.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Triskadecaphobia ?

Well, here it is again. this happens a couple of times a year and for those of you who dread it's approach I am sorry indeed.
This year it all it means to me is I am 11 days behind on Nano Wri Mo... sigh ...Why do I do this to myself?
I have knitting projects up the ying yang, not that much will be accomplished this weekend. I am going to the aforementioned "function" on Sunday. Oh joy and delight my nemesis will not be in attendance and it will be a relaxing afternoon of re acquaintance and conversation.
My closet seems to have had an adverse affect on my clothes. It has cause them to shrink at an alarming rate. This happens about every two years.
I forced myself kicking and screaming to get on the scales this morning and discovered to my horror that I am at x stone 7 pounds. I should be v stone and no pounds. This is not good. In fact this is nothing short of dreadful. Bread should be put on the list of addictive substances right up there with jam and beer. ( pausing for a moment of unrepeatable comments and a little weeping and wailing). O.K. that's over now it is back to the grind. I have to write down everything I eat, what a bore. I know what is healthy to eat. I could be a nutritionist for crying out loud. I am lazy.
I admit it. Now, I have to be focused. I can hide all this bulk under the excuse of winter clothing and emerge in the spring all svelte...and wrinkly.. Lord you just can't win.
The best way to keep focused is to post here on a regular basis. It helps to keep me on track. Genetics really are a bitch you know. Oh to be tall and willowy instead of short and shrubby.
So, tonight after work I WILL walk around the crescent.
I can do "once."
Tomorrow is another day.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Appreciation Day

After WWI the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month was set aside to remember those who had died during this terrible conflict. That war changed every aspect of life from the acceptance of Nurses to fashion.

Then came WWII where the call for King and Country was answered by many of our parents.
My mother was 18 my father 19 when they signed up. Hard to believe isn't it?

Today we wear a poppy and we are encouraged to think of those who died. I also think of those who live and do their duty every day.

Thank you for being the best you can be. Thank you for standing up against terror. Thank you for showing compassion to the victims. Thank you for representing the values we all hold dear. Freedom to speak, to pray, to live the life we choose.

We are blessed. We should Never take that for granted.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Turns out I really do have something hurting...

It is called costachondritis. Inflamation of the bits between the rib sections. It is a viral thing like a cold. It takes 10-12 days to go away. This is day 6. Enough already. No cause to whine I can still knit!

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Aches and pains

I have such a cramp in my back. oooo. Yesterday at work I was in so much pain. I held on for the day and did as much work ahead as possible. I really didn't think I would make it in today. I was already to go home and go to bed after work but Carl convinced me to go see a Dr. As he put it," I am not ready to be rid of you." Sweet man, so romantic..lol
Last night I sat in the walk in clinic for almost 2 hours. The Dr. says it appears to be muscular and gave me an anti inflammatory and pain pill prescription and sent me home. I took a pill 3 hours ago and it is already starting to wear off. I did not fall, slip or lift a heavy object yet my upper back is killing me. He listened to my lungs and said nout about that. I guess they are clear. I do not have any symptoms of the H1N1. That at least is ruled out. I have a back up ( pun intended) appointment with the family Dr for tomorrow morning.
I seldom go to the Dr., I am blessed with good health, so when I do want an appointment there is a damn good reason.
I got an email last night. lol, actually I don't get that many, anyway, I will be attending a function this month and I was given a heads up that a certain individual will also be in attendance. I was pretty sure that this would be the case and I had accepted the invitation regardless. Suffice it to say I would have had a much better time sans this "person." I will rise above this, (hear the snapping of porcelain as I grind my teeth) and be gracious. Class always wins out.

Look who is 40!!! Happy Birthday Sesame Street!

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Writing and knitting

NaNoWriMo report: Yesterday I managed to write almost 3000 words. In the beginning I didn't have much of an idea and so far it is all unmitigated drivel but the story line suddenly took off and frankly I think I have a doozy of a plot. Clues above. It seems to be writing itself. I just hope the momentum keeps up. I need to get another 3000 words today to keep on track.

Last year I did a lot of research but I just couldn't get a story line to go any where. Suddenly I find bits popping into my mind. I came home from work and wrote down ideas that had surfaced while I was driving home. I am going to have to carry a note pad with me. I am afraid of forgetting an idea ...it has happened before. Once I write it down it is safe.

I have a cramp in my back that is so annoying. I have adjusted my chair at work. I have tried a heating pad and Advil. It is right around my lungs. Other than that I feel no worse no better.

Work has slowed down a little, enough to catch up the paperwork. I am ready for the next onslaught.

On the knitting front I frogged about 7 rows on Michael's sweater vest. Got carried away with the decreases and was doing them every row instead of every other row...hanks of hair being yanked out...at that rate the vest would have had spaghetti straps. As it turns out, it was a good thing cause I really wasn't happy with a colour combo I had used. Now I can change it.
It is always better to look on the bright side.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Do you see the hidden image?...stand back and squint...cool eh?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday already???

.......No, It is Friday fool.

I started this yesterday, obviously, and then never got back to it.

The Halloween candy is in the bowl but we are having second thoughts about whether there will be enough. I am expecting a larger crowd due to the weekend date. We have showed great restraint since I filled the bowl...patting myself on the back...and have stayed away from pinching too much.

NaNoWriMo starts on Sunday and I haven't signed up yet. Last year, when I signed up, I still had nary an inkling of what to write. Nothing came to me and I descended into ignominy and defeat. So the deadline looms for this year and IF I sign up this year I have to write 50,000 words no wimping out. The year before I collected pictures of "things" that inspired me. as it turned out I was pleased with the resulting story even thought I never did any rewrites. That's for when I retire.
I was planning on going to the Knitter's Group again this evening after supper. Carl will be working late and it sure beats sitting in the house alone. The "Tim Burton Cat" as my brother calls Ebony, is not a lot of company. I have decided to stay in after all too damp to go anywhere.
I am busy perfecting my technique for "double knitting"...see other blog... It would have been easier had I chosen 2 solid colours but noooo I had to choose 2 variegated. Some days I am my own worse enemy. Still and all as long as the light is good I can handle it. I took a break from the "The Vest" this week. I am ahead of schedule on it.
It is pouring down rain right now and the air is damp ooo I hate damp. It is time to stock up on cup a soup to keep me from being chilled.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn has arrived.

I know, I know, where the "Sam Hill have I been?" That is an expression my mother always uses and I have no idea who Sam Hill is or rather was. Everyone is ticked off with me. I haven't called, I haven't posted. Well, it has been crazy at work and more than once I have come home and fallen asleep before putting the supper on.

My boss has joked for years that he wishes we could go from air conditioning weather right into furnace weather. (See picture above. This was Thurs Oct 15. Our first snow. Not much but under that dusting was a thick layer of ice. Chip chip chip that's how I started my day.) We have been going non stop since June. Great for business but the staff are pooped...including me.

Speaking of Mother, she is doing better, very slowly and seems to have settled into the routine at the "Manor." Of course she would rather be in her own home but she is a very practical person and accepts that is not possible at this time.
The nice part of sunny autumn days is watching this bush in the garden change it's colour. We have one on the left and one on the right. I see them from the bedroom window and the colour is quite lovely.
Lots of knitting going on over on the "other" blog. I have discovered a wonderful wool shop in St Thomas, "Little Red Mitten" and I finally made it out to a knitting get together on Friday night. I realize how much time I spend alone when I get into a room full of women who are chatting and knitting. The knitting vibes were wonderful. I miss teaching we used to have so much fun. Of course I talked too much. Could have kicked myself afterward. I took this picture outside Little Red Mitten, with my phone, but the detail is lost. Yes, that is a huge memorial to Jumbo the elephant in the back ground. The sun was shining and the Canadian flag was vibrant against the dark grey threatening clouds. Next time I am there I will be sure to take the camera.
I also picked up a copy of the pattern for the Adult Surprise Jacket. I have enough Koigu ( I hope) in some gorgeous colours to knit it. Jean over at Jean's Knitting has inspired me and we were talking about her progress on Friday evening as we admired one in the "flesh," so to speak. That's a lot of garter stitch.
On the "Ever Optimistic Canadian Attitude Toward Weather" front. We are in for some Indian Summer this week. This may be my last chance to knit outside till spring. Pictures to follow.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now is that job or Job?

Job as in the "patience of " or job? Hmm??
I have decided that I am too young to retire and too old to work.

Our mother is still not herself physically and says she is content having settled into the retirement home. She may decide to stay. This is all very unsettling. It is hard to see her "little," she was 5'5.5" and is now about 5'1." I went to see her yesterday and she sent me over to the house with a list, which I misplaced, of things she would like to have. I fortunately remembered the important stuff. She may be little but she is still a force to be reckoned with..lol

I ended up bringing home her beautiful fern from the living room. Now I look at it in my front room with very mixed feelings. It says to me that she is not planning on returning to her home...oh dear
The television is full of previews for the movie 2012. According to the Mayan calendar the world will come to an end on Dec 21, 2012. Last week I processed a Visa card which expires in 2013. Visa obviously does not believe this prediction. Don't go nuts shopping just 'cause you believe everything you hear. Visa will get you in the end.

My brother has H1N1 flu. He will be alright but he has two daughters in their early 20's living at home who will be avoiding him.
Fall has arrived. Today it is overcast and raining. Yesterday the sun shone and I enjoyed the drive to Tilbury, for once. The highway is lined with wooded areas. The Sumac has turned red and the Fire Maples stood out amoungst the golds and rust of the turning leaves. This is time of year I miss the long walks in the woods at Rockwood with the crunch of falling leaves underfoot and the fluttering leaves landing on your head and shoulders. Portent of the snow to come.
I am ready for winter, my winter knitting projects are planned out, wool has been purchased and now I just have to schedule my time.

Friday, September 25, 2009


Oh blessed weekend. I need thee!

Mom is on the mend, slowly, very slowly but she is showing an improvement. She has been transferred back the hospital in Chatham where a convoy of her friends will make the trek into the city to see her. It is comforting for her to have her "contemporaries" near her. They are all retired and available during the day. Carl and I will be up to see her, probably, on Sunday.

She has to build up her strength or the Retirement home won't take her even on a respite basis. She is thinking about making the move for the winter to "try it out" and see what she thinks. This is a major decision and is hers to make. We, her children, don't want the responsibility of making the decision to give up the house. Oh no, She has to decide this one.

If Mother Nature smiles on me I might even get some time in the sun on Saturday to do some knitting. I am working on Michael's Christmas gift. The only other Christmas knitting I am planning is a pair of fancy shmancy mittens for Mom.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


This Juan, the worry doll, there is more to his story that can be found, in a July post, over at My Nom de Plume.
Every morning when I get in the car, I pull down the visor and there is Juan. This morning when I did this I discovered that his head had popped off in the night!!! I scrambled around and found it on the floor. OMG

Now, what does that tell you about my life in the fast lane????

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sherlock Holmes and Gillette Castle

William Gillette (1853-1937) is best known for his portral of Sherlock Holmes on the stage. He intoduced the deer stalker cap and pipe that has become the best recognized icon of this literary character. He designed this castle and had it built to his specifications on the shores of the Connecticut river. It is a Gothic beauty.

You can just make it out behind the trees.

The interior of the conservatory.

Bet this is spooky at night

Everything is stone and mortar. This is the tower.

The ravine.
The Castle and grounds are maintained as a State Park now.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Where has this week gone?

This upping and downing in regards to Mom's health is hard on us all. Yesterday I met Paul at the hospital after some chirpy nurse informed me she would be going home today! I suggested her metal faculties had deserted her brain pan. Sane minds prevailed and she isn't going anywhere yet. BP is still a problem and she isn't doing anything. Last night after work I popped in again with one of her grand sons and she was looking much better. Now, if only that is the same today I will see some light at the end of this tunnel.
I even relaxed enough last night to pick up the needles to finish Carl's black socks!!

I could go another trip to the "Tinkling Teacups" and a look at that pastry tray....Mmmm yummy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mother was down again last night. Her blood pressure is spiking even on meds it went up to 191 while I was there and she is very weak. They are trying to figure out why her potassium levels are plummeting. All in all not a good report.
I woke up this morning to an email, sent in the night, from my brother that the hospital had called him, long distance, to say she had fallen out of bed. They have my number which is local, Go figure. Turns out she was trying to reach something and wiggled down past the half rails. She didn't want to be a "bother." Paul is going to give her a lecture on that today. He can say things to her David and I only wish we could. I am going to leave work and meet him there. What was she thinking I mean she can't sit up by herself? I hardly slept last night for the worry and now this. They were taking her to Xray. With her osteoporosis she could have broke something again....Have I mentioned that she is stubborn?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Just a quick post: Mom is doing much better. Her condition is not as severe as we were first led to believe, surgery has been cancelled in favour of medications. The last cat scan shows no increase in what they are now calling an aneurysm. She is still very weak and at 84 she is not going to bounce back from this as quickly as she thinks. Many thanks dear readers for your kind words they are much appreciated.

Monday, September 14, 2009

What a weekend!

Tremendous scare this weekend. I am wrung out and I have to get ready for work. My mother was taken by ambulance to emergency near where she lives and then transferred to London. They were going to use the Air Ambulance which she thought would be cool but when there was some mechanical problem she decided she did not want to "end up in some one's bean field." She has a tear in the aorta and at first look at the CT scan the emergency Dr's thought we were in a life or death situation. Hence the transfer to the big city hospital.
Mom was telling everyone she was "Ready to meet her maker" and "Don't mourn me when I'm gone." All phrases that send us into instant panic. She is presently in Critical Care here in London.

Our conversation with the vascular surgeon yesterday has us hopeful. Aortic Dissension is the medical term that she has but the tear is in the first lining ( there are 3) of the aorta. We had visions of the tear all the way through and bleeding into the chest cavity. It will not heal but with her blood pressure better managed she should be alright. There will be another CT Scan today to see what is going on and if the situation has not changed they will take her off the intravenous and give her meds by mouth. If the tear is larger they will have to do surgery and it is dangerous. We do not want to think about that.
Paul has crashed on my living room couch for the past 2 nights. My sister in law drove over 2 hours yesterday to bring him an over night bag. The three of us were at the hospital with Mom for a couple of hours then she had to drive back home before dark. She is an outstanding sister in law. I love her to bits. He has to go home today as soon as we know what is happening.

My other brother, David, is far away as are all the grand children, but one, and it has to be worse for them, waiting to get word, even though we call everyone the minute we know something, at least we are here. Suffice it to say the three of us are not ready to be orphan's. Lucille Ball and John Ritter had the same condition.

Oh, and I went to the Knitter's Fair on Sat. it was terrific; tell you about it later when things settle down around here.