Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Deluge

Last night it was cold and it was snowing. Very pretty... as I didn't have to drive in it. This morning it is a deluge. The temp is above 0, the "ketch" basins are plugged with fall leaves and the water is backing up in pools into the roadway. The rain continues to pour down. Pedestrians are in dire peril of becoming engulfed in great swaths of water every time a car tears down the street. Yes, "tears" as in driving too fast. All the little boys are behind the wheel this morning deliberately driving through the puddles trying to see who can throw up the largest sheet of water. Winter comes to Ontario. Next it will freeze and then we will really be in a pickle. I was thinking of driving to Chatham to see my mother in hospital but 1. I am uncomfortable driving in the dark and 2. icy roads scare the begeezus out of me. Looks like I will be creeping home tonight.
On the knitting front: Truly I am knitting with a "hot" needle now. Here I thought I had everything figured out and now I discover Michael's vest needs another motif in order to be long enough. This was the week I thought I would be "cutting the steeks." Maybe this weekend. Wait, it has to be this weekend. Not a problem I can do this.

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Karen :-) said...

We had snow over the weekend but its all gone because last night it rained A LOT.
I'm glad it stopped because tonight is my knit group night and I don't like to drive at night when it's raining. I had to do that last week.