Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hola Mexico!

This is the Las Brisas resort (red roofs) in Huatulco Mexico. South of Acapulco. Our flight is booked and paid ( with cancellation insurance...just in case).
That is the Pacific Ocean! Six weeks from now I am going to be having breakfast under a palm tree. Packing will commence after the New Year, too many things going on right now to think about it.
Once upon a time when I was a wee girl there was such-a-thing as the "Children's Tea Party." Mrs McMillan, (I remember that her hair was worn in braids wrapped around her head)was the dietitian at the hospital and rented a flat from my parents. She hosted one of these tea parties and the pink bell in the picture was a favour from that day. It had candies in it. This had to be prior to 1955. I think of her every year when I hang this on my tree. The smurf is one of the toys that has been on the tree since my children were little.

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Karen :-) said...

Your vacation sounds great.
We have one coming up too. We are going on a cruise over the Christmas holidays. We leave next week!!