Friday, November 20, 2009

Abbreviations ??

Not such a busy week just seems like it went faster. Trick of the human mind. I am one week into getting myself back into control and I am feeling much better.
Had a wonderful time at the "function" last weekend. Got a bunch of knitting done, see OTHER blog, pictures to be posted tonight.
Today's thought provoking post is going to be about abbreviations. Once upon a time we had a best friend now we have a BFF. 'Cept for my daughter who was the "be...fri.." and Dessy was the "" I remember reading a blog where the knitter described herself as a WSSAHM or something like that. I just about went nuts trying to figure that out.
I work in an office. Since we crawled out of the primordial ooze. Streets were St, Avenues were Ave, Cres were Cres, Circle, Cir, Court Crt. You get the idea. Now for the sake of "speed..(?)" we are down to 2 letters. Do you see where I am going with this? Cr, what the heck is that? Cres, Circle, Court? London is notorious for having the same name on a variety of addresses. One of the little crosses I bear. Hell hath no fury like a repair technician sent to the wrong address. Believe me.
My other peeve this week is about drivers turning left at the intersection but we won't go there. They obviously do not read this blog or they wouldn't keep being the jerks they are. Just in case the man who drives the white van and turns left at the corner of Jalna & Bradley around 4:15pm everyday is reading here. For the love of everything holy, would you please pull forward when the light turns green. Sheesh, I can not see through you . FOOL. I feel so much better.
Had my H1N1 shot. First time I have ever had a reaction. Feels like someone rabbit punch my arm. I would rather put up with this for a day or so than take a chance on getting sick. That could seriously cut into my knitting time.

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