Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mother was down again last night. Her blood pressure is spiking even on meds it went up to 191 while I was there and she is very weak. They are trying to figure out why her potassium levels are plummeting. All in all not a good report.
I woke up this morning to an email, sent in the night, from my brother that the hospital had called him, long distance, to say she had fallen out of bed. They have my number which is local, Go figure. Turns out she was trying to reach something and wiggled down past the half rails. She didn't want to be a "bother." Paul is going to give her a lecture on that today. He can say things to her David and I only wish we could. I am going to leave work and meet him there. What was she thinking I mean she can't sit up by herself? I hardly slept last night for the worry and now this. They were taking her to Xray. With her osteoporosis she could have broke something again....Have I mentioned that she is stubborn?

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Karen said...

Oh so sorry to hear this latest about your mom. I will continue to pray for her and all of you.