Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Aches and pains

I have such a cramp in my back. oooo. Yesterday at work I was in so much pain. I held on for the day and did as much work ahead as possible. I really didn't think I would make it in today. I was already to go home and go to bed after work but Carl convinced me to go see a Dr. As he put it," I am not ready to be rid of you." Sweet man, so
Last night I sat in the walk in clinic for almost 2 hours. The Dr. says it appears to be muscular and gave me an anti inflammatory and pain pill prescription and sent me home. I took a pill 3 hours ago and it is already starting to wear off. I did not fall, slip or lift a heavy object yet my upper back is killing me. He listened to my lungs and said nout about that. I guess they are clear. I do not have any symptoms of the H1N1. That at least is ruled out. I have a back up ( pun intended) appointment with the family Dr for tomorrow morning.
I seldom go to the Dr., I am blessed with good health, so when I do want an appointment there is a damn good reason.
I got an email last night. lol, actually I don't get that many, anyway, I will be attending a function this month and I was given a heads up that a certain individual will also be in attendance. I was pretty sure that this would be the case and I had accepted the invitation regardless. Suffice it to say I would have had a much better time sans this "person." I will rise above this, (hear the snapping of porcelain as I grind my teeth) and be gracious. Class always wins out.

Look who is 40!!! Happy Birthday Sesame Street!


Karen said...

Could stress be causing your back pain?

Susan said...

Thanks Karen, but I live a rather stress free, debt free, worry free life...finally.
I think it nmust be some kind of virus. Maybe I am just getting

Arlene said...

Hmmm, and who would this mystery person be?



Class always wins out. Always. Eelegant words and actions rise to the top. And when in my mind this doesn't do the trick, I remind myself: I can do ANYTHING for an hour - even smile when I would rather frown. Hope you back is improving!