Monday, December 07, 2009

Home made bread

My mother is in the hospital again and I have, of course, thought a lot of the past when she was a vibrant active person. We never had "store bought" bread in the house when I was growing up other than 3 times. Once when she had her tonsils out and then when my brother's were born. It was the "cross I bore" that I had "funny" bread for my sandwiches in my lunch pail. Children can be so cruel. " How come your sandwich looks funny?" I had a friend that used to come over to the house and would inevitably sit on the bread where it was rising under a blanket in the corner of the couch. This was before the days of "family rooms" where the living room was the room we lived in. Eating was done in the kitchen and homework and sleeping was done in the bed room.
Oh, for such a structured life in today's society.
My grand daughters, 2 of them, came for the weekend. We shopped, went to the movies, dragging Carl along, and had a smashing good time. Skip Disney's latest offering of the Christmas Carol in 3D. It could have been so much better. Alister Sim is the quintessential Scrooge and somethings should just be left alone. Youngest GD wore the Digital 3D glasses the rest of the weekend. The movie queen diva doncha know. I call her "Tallulha" in "Bankhead".....go google it.


Karen :-) said...

Sorry to hear about your mom.
I was planning on seeing that movie. The commercials make it look so good. Maybe now I'll just watch it when it comes on Netflix.

Susan said...

I would wait if I were you. A trip to the theatre is a costly venture any more and even the girl's said we didn't get our money's worth.
Poor Mummy isn't doing very well either. I appreciate the kind words.