Sunday, October 25, 2009

Autumn has arrived.

I know, I know, where the "Sam Hill have I been?" That is an expression my mother always uses and I have no idea who Sam Hill is or rather was. Everyone is ticked off with me. I haven't called, I haven't posted. Well, it has been crazy at work and more than once I have come home and fallen asleep before putting the supper on.

My boss has joked for years that he wishes we could go from air conditioning weather right into furnace weather. (See picture above. This was Thurs Oct 15. Our first snow. Not much but under that dusting was a thick layer of ice. Chip chip chip that's how I started my day.) We have been going non stop since June. Great for business but the staff are pooped...including me.

Speaking of Mother, she is doing better, very slowly and seems to have settled into the routine at the "Manor." Of course she would rather be in her own home but she is a very practical person and accepts that is not possible at this time.
The nice part of sunny autumn days is watching this bush in the garden change it's colour. We have one on the left and one on the right. I see them from the bedroom window and the colour is quite lovely.
Lots of knitting going on over on the "other" blog. I have discovered a wonderful wool shop in St Thomas, "Little Red Mitten" and I finally made it out to a knitting get together on Friday night. I realize how much time I spend alone when I get into a room full of women who are chatting and knitting. The knitting vibes were wonderful. I miss teaching we used to have so much fun. Of course I talked too much. Could have kicked myself afterward. I took this picture outside Little Red Mitten, with my phone, but the detail is lost. Yes, that is a huge memorial to Jumbo the elephant in the back ground. The sun was shining and the Canadian flag was vibrant against the dark grey threatening clouds. Next time I am there I will be sure to take the camera.
I also picked up a copy of the pattern for the Adult Surprise Jacket. I have enough Koigu ( I hope) in some gorgeous colours to knit it. Jean over at Jean's Knitting has inspired me and we were talking about her progress on Friday evening as we admired one in the "flesh," so to speak. That's a lot of garter stitch.
On the "Ever Optimistic Canadian Attitude Toward Weather" front. We are in for some Indian Summer this week. This may be my last chance to knit outside till spring. Pictures to follow.

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Karen said...

Glad to see you back posting.
I have joined a knitting group and we meet every Wednesday evening for a few hours.
Its great and I've made some new friends.