Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Now is that job or Job?

Job as in the "patience of " or job? Hmm??
I have decided that I am too young to retire and too old to work.

Our mother is still not herself physically and says she is content having settled into the retirement home. She may decide to stay. This is all very unsettling. It is hard to see her "little," she was 5'5.5" and is now about 5'1." I went to see her yesterday and she sent me over to the house with a list, which I misplaced, of things she would like to have. I fortunately remembered the important stuff. She may be little but she is still a force to be reckoned with..lol

I ended up bringing home her beautiful fern from the living room. Now I look at it in my front room with very mixed feelings. It says to me that she is not planning on returning to her home...oh dear
The television is full of previews for the movie 2012. According to the Mayan calendar the world will come to an end on Dec 21, 2012. Last week I processed a Visa card which expires in 2013. Visa obviously does not believe this prediction. Don't go nuts shopping just 'cause you believe everything you hear. Visa will get you in the end.

My brother has H1N1 flu. He will be alright but he has two daughters in their early 20's living at home who will be avoiding him.
Fall has arrived. Today it is overcast and raining. Yesterday the sun shone and I enjoyed the drive to Tilbury, for once. The highway is lined with wooded areas. The Sumac has turned red and the Fire Maples stood out amoungst the golds and rust of the turning leaves. This is time of year I miss the long walks in the woods at Rockwood with the crunch of falling leaves underfoot and the fluttering leaves landing on your head and shoulders. Portent of the snow to come.
I am ready for winter, my winter knitting projects are planned out, wool has been purchased and now I just have to schedule my time.


Karen said...

Sorry to hear about your brother and hope he gets better soon.
Maybe its a good thing that your mom feels content in the retirement home. At least she will have others around all the time.
I am not ready for winter, though I do like the Fall weather. Its great walking weather.

Helen said...

Job was a brand of cigarettes. Mucha did a few ads for them.

Is it not 2012 already? I can't keep up.

Susan said...

Oh, that is fascinating I will have to tell Corinne, she really likes his art.
......tempus fugit......