Sunday, May 31, 2009

A very merry B-day to me

You're only as old as you feel.
Age is a state of mind.
The alternative to getting older is..well you know.
Enough already!

What I want to know is where did the time go?

Life is never what we expect. I have lived long enough to have checked off all the "status" boxes on a government form: single, married, separated, divorced, widowed ...whew
The last 20 years have been a roller coaster let me tell you. Now, I feel as if I am falling apart. My knee went out on me 4 times on Friday. The first time, after work, I thought I had just zigged when I outta zagged. Then my knee gave way twice in succession leaving the restaurant a couple of hours later. Then again Saturday morning and this is my "good" knee. Took my breath away let me tell you. Carl got me a crutch and I am cautiously moving around. I shall call the Dr.'s office on Monday for an appointment. Might as well get both knees X-rayed while I am at it.
(damn bugger blast)

Youngest son and his love are moving to the big city today. I expect to see 2 out of 4 of my greatest accomplishments today.
I am not getting older.
I am constantly improving....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


If you enjoy audio books ... I have to recommend anything read by Davinia Porter!! If you don't listen to audio are missing something. I listen whilst driving on the "most boring section of highway in the world" stretch of the 401 to visit my Mom. I listen whilst knitting, spinning, soaking in the tub or lounging with a glass of wine. She has the most hypnotic voice. I am transported to where ever she is. Absolutely marvelous. Go to the know the place with FREE books and check one out.

My significant "otter" is away tonight. Off on a run from Toronto to Montreal, stuck in a hotel tonight and returning tomorrow. Hush Hush trip.
So it will be knitting this evening and if the telly sucks..duh what did I say?... I shall be listening to my latest audio book. Read by guessed it....
and having a chilled wine......ahhhhh

Monday, May 25, 2009

Tiny sign of spring.

I took this out the bed room window with a 12x times zoom. What a baby sweetie. Look at his/her tiny ears.
You can tell how tiny the bunny is by looking at the dandilion flowers. All together now....AHHHH

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Even the Angels are weeping.

Evil walks this earth in many guises. The little girl I posted about weeks ago is believed dead. The search is on now for her earthly remains. A man and a young woman have been charged with abduction and murder. I feel sick at heart. This has been 6 weeks of constant hope that she would be found alive. I have read that there are women who take a child to replace one they have lost and I wanted to believe this was closer to the truth. She was dead within hours of being abducted. ...sigh

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Teaghan...2 days early..

So...Does my grand daughter like her birthday present?
Just what every pre-teen needs.
Her own personal Coca Cola fridge.
In her room, by the pool or on trips in the family van this girl will always have cold bevys.
It's OK ...I know ...I so rock as a Grand Mother.
I just love that happy face.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Knee Pads Required.

Two years ago, on a winter's day I slipped in the drive. I fell smack onto my left knee cap. Carl was sitting in the car with a broken foot. There wasn't a thing he could do in fact he didn't even know where I went . One minute I was in front of the car and then whoosh I was gone from sight. I lay in the drive like an old lady moaning."I've fallen and I can't get up." The young man who resides across the street came hot footing it out his front door and got me up onto my feet. Needless to say that knee has played up in the last two years.
Well, yesterday I spun my office chair around and that knee came up smack against the desk drawer. I thought my heart had stopped. I sat there doubled over making garbled sounds on the verge of blacking out. I kid you not! I had visions of the tech's finding me flat out on the floor. It took me about 10 minutes before I dared move. In retrospect I think I must have cracked or ruptured something that icy day in December. This is not the first time I have bumped that knee. But it has never been so painful.
Consequently I have been very careful to move slowly when turning to the left. You did hear me say,"left."
Oh yes I did.
Today I did the same thing to my right knee...on the other desk. I let out a blood curdling shriek this time. The right knee is crowned with a bloody great bruise. The left one is unscathed, at least externally.
Damn good thing I knit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More spring blooms!

Don't know what it is but it's pretty.
Chives are getting ready to bloom...Hmmm I am ready for potato salad.
Julia planted this Bleeding Heart for me last year. Beautiful isn't it?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thoughts on Motherhood

Corinne and Michael in the backseat,
"Mom He's looking at me."
"Michael, Quit looking at your sister.

Happy Mother's Day Mom

This collage is in honour of my Mother and came about from an email I received this morning.

What five things would describe your Mother?

Every Mother's Day Mom wears a white carnation in honour of her mother who passed away when she was 16,

Homemade bread and jam, staples of my childhood. No "store bought" bread in our house.

Singer sewing machine, Mom is an accomplished dressmaker and I learned how to use this machine when I was 8 years old. she still has it and it does an exceptional job,

All things Welsh from daffodils to welsh cakes..hmmm,

Pansies...flower beds full of every coloured pansies. Love their little faces.

Happy Mother's Day to my Mummy.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Curse of the 21st Century

The Black Plague is nothing compared to the "Curse of the 21st Century". I refer of course to...Junk E Mails....
My business email has a junk filter which feels the need to send me a folder each morning so I can be sure the following are unsoliced e mails:
Here is a sample of the subjects, obviously translated from some other language:
-She wonXt need a magnifying glass anymore to find..... (hilarious)
-Spend your time with pleasure with golden watches,
-Now you will be able to satisfy any size-queen.
-Relighting Fantasies witth Mature Erotica
-raise your belove bed adventures
-If watering your tool doesnXt help it grow we kno.... (this is the funniest)

Sigh, I believe in free enterprise but pleeze who on earth would buy anything from this crap. I look upon this as my morning smile. It is so ridiculous.

Annoying but ridiculous. I had 56 of these this morning and these are the "G" rated ones.

(edit: oops I first posted this on the knitting side by mistake)

Thursday, May 07, 2009

May has finally arrived!

This seemed to happen overnight.
Last year I had about half a dozen scraggly blooms. My mother always said a lilac bush needs 7 years to bloom properly.

These guys are everywhere even in the grass.

Julia planted these black Iris last year and they came up overnight. The flash went off because I was under the spirea bush. They really are quite black. See the buds in the background?

Thurs morning at work. My office is already heady with the fragrance of lilacs. The men will be

Sunday, May 03, 2009

What else....

...could happen she asked? My car has had new brakes, rotors and body work over the last month.

I woke up to this this morning:

I was in Goderich...on a Sunday....all the tire repair places are closed. I had to buy the wonder can of gunk that seals and inflates the tire. My mechanic will not be happy.

Let me recap my weekend.

Friday I got off work 2 PAID hours early...Love my employer...because he knew I had planned on driving 1.5 hours to see my mother. Carl had left Friday morning on a 3 day charter. I ended up at Mom's in Tilbury earlier than I would have left London. Unpacked to find I had brought the charger for the blue tooth and not the charger for the cell phone...grrrr.. A neighbour popped over on Saturday morning to say my tire was "down" and I went to a garage and had it topped off. Mom and I had a lovely visit and Sat around noon I left for Goderich (2.5 hrs) for a preplanned meeting with Carl at the Bedford Hotel (wink). This morning Carl called me on his cell from the parking lot, as he was loading the hikers, for their day trip, to say my tire was totally flat. grrrrr. I mean "give me a break"... I had thought of popping up to Kincardine and surprising some of my children, scrounging a cup of tea or a piece of pizza. but it was not to be.

Suffice it to say I am back home. Carl won't be here until around 6pm. I am knitting on the table cloth I refuse to be disturbed by another "auto fiasco." This was a gorgeous weekend. The sun shone, my mother is doing extremely well, I had a lovely drive through the country, went out to dinner with Carl and had a leisurely uneventful drive home.