Friday, November 13, 2009

Triskadecaphobia ?

Well, here it is again. this happens a couple of times a year and for those of you who dread it's approach I am sorry indeed.
This year it all it means to me is I am 11 days behind on Nano Wri Mo... sigh ...Why do I do this to myself?
I have knitting projects up the ying yang, not that much will be accomplished this weekend. I am going to the aforementioned "function" on Sunday. Oh joy and delight my nemesis will not be in attendance and it will be a relaxing afternoon of re acquaintance and conversation.
My closet seems to have had an adverse affect on my clothes. It has cause them to shrink at an alarming rate. This happens about every two years.
I forced myself kicking and screaming to get on the scales this morning and discovered to my horror that I am at x stone 7 pounds. I should be v stone and no pounds. This is not good. In fact this is nothing short of dreadful. Bread should be put on the list of addictive substances right up there with jam and beer. ( pausing for a moment of unrepeatable comments and a little weeping and wailing). O.K. that's over now it is back to the grind. I have to write down everything I eat, what a bore. I know what is healthy to eat. I could be a nutritionist for crying out loud. I am lazy.
I admit it. Now, I have to be focused. I can hide all this bulk under the excuse of winter clothing and emerge in the spring all svelte...and wrinkly.. Lord you just can't win.
The best way to keep focused is to post here on a regular basis. It helps to keep me on track. Genetics really are a bitch you know. Oh to be tall and willowy instead of short and shrubby.
So, tonight after work I WILL walk around the crescent.
I can do "once."
Tomorrow is another day.

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Karen :-) said...

I keep a food journal and have for years. It sure helps me from over eating.
I always say I can eat whatever I want to just not as much. Remember its all in portion control. Don't deny yourself any one food. You will only get a craving and then over eat.
Good luck.