Monday, August 31, 2009

In Connecticut

No pictures yet but the view from this window in breath taking. Jackie & Paul live in a beautiful house on a ridge nestled amongst 23 acres of woodland in historic Connecticut. From this desk I can see the Connecticut River meandering it's way to Long Island Sound. Yesterday we laughed and cried ourselves into exhaustion. Carl says we are "two birds of a feather." We went to the Fish Place for supper last night and then to Lyme for homemade Ice Cream.
This morning Paul is charged with making breakfast and I am being totally spoiled.
The measure of a friend is that after almost 30 years we are able to resume our connection. I am blessed to have this time with her. The weight of stress has left me already. Today we may just "veg out." Tomorrow Jackie has a class scheduled that she is teaching and I am to go with her. She credits me with her success in the Ballet world because I encouraged (pushed, cajoled...etc) her to start her first school. Who knew she would become one of 7 qualified examiners in the Cecchetti USA Classical Ballet.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


I have packed for every contingency. Hot, warm, chilly and cold weather. I can layer up or down as the need arises. I put my knitting packing in the car last night. It is just easier than having to explain why I need another tote bag. That reminds me "add the addis" just in case I find the wool I want for Michael's vest. I might like to swatch. I keep my addi's in a Crown Royal bag. All good things should be kept together.

I washed my red jacket. My favourite red jacket. The one I won't be wearing any more. Crap. I am waiting for the mall to open. When I was in Tabi I saw a smart red jacket lined with leopard silk it had my name on it but I rationalized I had a red jacket so didn't purchase it. Seemed like overkill at the time. Now I am waiting for the mall to open. I have to go to the bank anyway.

Carl was driving last night and didn't get home until 12:30 he is still sleeping. Poor guy and he thought we would drive 8 hours today. See here is the problem. I can drive BUT do you know what it is like to drive with a professional?

"You should have put on your turn signal before this."

"You should have started to brake before now"

"You could have passed that car before"

The deal is: he sleeps = I drive = he's awake = forget it
......If I get internet access I'll post from Connecticut!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What to take...

Three days and counting till we leave for Connecticut. I just hope I last that long. Yesterday, brace yourself.....I got a hair cut, only 1.5" off the back. Style I should say. When your 85 yr old mother says, " OMG you look worn out." Something has to be done. I actually found someone who would listen to me. His name is Nayef and he works at the Fayez Spa that I went to last week for the spa treatment. Suffice it to say I can live with it.....I think. Anyway, tonight I have to get an oil change for the car and stop off at CAA and get my travel insurance. I am not putting a toe outside Ontario without health coverage.
Then becomes the age old question. "What the heck to pack?" Knitting needles, wool, sock yarn, toothbrush and clean knickers are on the list so far. I tend to pack "light" but I don't want to be ridiculous. Tonight I am going to cast off the shawl I am taking for Jackie, yes I know I am running behind, it will have to be blocked tomorrow and WILL be dry if I have to turn the furnace on. I have Michael's new fair isle design all graphed and ready for wool shopping. Carl has the charger and extra batteries for the cameras. He wants his black socks also. I should be able to finish the other sock on the way there. He can drive with one bare foot. Who's to know? I am not sure how much money to convert into US. New York City is 2.5 hrs by train from my friends house....I hope we can go. She says a day trip is very doable. I want to go to the top of the Empire State Building and have a "Moment to Remember." My mother always says," You can always bring home what you don't spend.".... snort.... like that will ever happen. Oh, I want to go to the grocery store and buy kool aid too. They have much more interesting colours in the states. (For new readers, I don't drink it I use it to dye wool.) I always feel I have to explain that when I am buying 30 packs of ice blue kool aid. The clerk still looks at me as if I have a screw loose. Que sera.
I realize this is a bit of a ramble but I am using the time to organize my thoughts. I am worn out and will be so glad to get away.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Holiday countdown

Last week was crazy busy. How did we all manage before air conditioning? If you are under the impression it does not get hot in southern Ontario think again. We have had a humidex of up to 43 degrees Celsius ( It is so humid that is how hot it "feels" like "wind chill" but in reverse. Yesterday it was it was 31C or 92F before the humidex. There will be messages on the office pager this morning!
Nephew Matt, of the skull sweater fame, was at me mudder's visiting his Granny. So, Tuesday after work Son #2 here in London and Son #1 from "the Bruce" (over 2 hours away) and I dashed up to see him. (1.30 hr) and found my brother and his wife there also!!! Tore ourselves away 2 hours later to drive back to London . Michael crashed on the couch and went home the next day
A week ago, on a Sunday evening, I got a call from "Blood Services," the old Red Cross, asking if I would come in a spare a pint. My blood type is found in 8% of the population so there aren't many of us when the need arises. Did that on Tuesday after work. They have good cookies.

Carl had given me coin of the realm, for my birthday, to spend on a trip to a Spa and I had finally booked my appointment for Thursday after work. Three and a half hours later, I drove home under the influence of a manicure, pedicure and facial. I am sure there is something illegal there. It was divine and I got every penny's worth of his money.

I had planned on going to a fund raiser for breast cancer research at an Alpaca Farm on Sat but didn't make it. I crashed on the lounge chair and knit on the shawl for Jacki. Two more weeks and we will be heading, passports firmly grasped in hand, to Connecticut.
Last night we watched a "one hankie" movie. If it wasn't for the humour it would be a "two-er" for sure. I laughed I cried...sigh..didn't get any knitting done for blowing my
Nothing I like more than a good love story with action, hysterical funny bits and a happy ending. Recipe for a perfect movie, too bad Hollywood wouldn't stick with this formula. If you are looking for gratuitous sex, violence and filthy language then pass, you won't like it. Carl watched it just because Audrey Hepburn is in it.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The truth be told.....

Just to go on record. I am not going to wear purple clothes and red hats anytime soon. However I am exceedingly tired of the shallow society in which I live. I am 62 years old and blessed with good health. My idea of exercise is to read a heavy book. My hair is greying (strike that) silvering. I like it that way. I knit, not because I am old because I am damn good at it and I derive a great deal of enjoyment out of the process. I resent societies expectation of "youthful loveliness" that I constantly hear on the commercials. I have earned everyone of these wrinkles. Advertisers would do well to remember who has the money. I decry rudeness and poor service. For this I would be called a Grumpy Old Woman.
Deal with it. I plan on being around for a long

The following humorous list was copied from a BBC website. Read between the lines. If you get it you belong to the sisterhood.

How to find out whether you or someone you know is a Grumpy Old Woman

The unmistakable signs
Shop assistants cower in fear when you return shoddy goods.
You are the litter police
You like a slip-on shoe – saves all that bending
If you wore a thong you might look like a Sumo wrestler
You start collecting used margarine pots and plastic bags
You start to enjoy pottering

Things That Grumpy Old Women Say
It's a bloody disgrace
I want to talk to the manager
Spending a penny
Is it me or is it hot in here?
I could murder a nice cup of tea
I can remember those flared trousers first time around