Friday, September 25, 2009


Oh blessed weekend. I need thee!

Mom is on the mend, slowly, very slowly but she is showing an improvement. She has been transferred back the hospital in Chatham where a convoy of her friends will make the trek into the city to see her. It is comforting for her to have her "contemporaries" near her. They are all retired and available during the day. Carl and I will be up to see her, probably, on Sunday.

She has to build up her strength or the Retirement home won't take her even on a respite basis. She is thinking about making the move for the winter to "try it out" and see what she thinks. This is a major decision and is hers to make. We, her children, don't want the responsibility of making the decision to give up the house. Oh no, She has to decide this one.

If Mother Nature smiles on me I might even get some time in the sun on Saturday to do some knitting. I am working on Michael's Christmas gift. The only other Christmas knitting I am planning is a pair of fancy shmancy mittens for Mom.

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Knitman said...

I do not envy your mum and this decision. The idea horrifies me.
You know, so many of your place names are names of places here. I am sure you knew that. We nearly bought a house near Chatham back in the 80's.