Wednesday, February 28, 2007

An Inconvenient Truth

Anytime we are asked to change our lifestyle we moan, shrug our shoulders and say let someone else do it. We are comfortable in our lifestyle, spoiled more like it, and so tired of hearing the "scare mongers" we ignore what is in front of our eyes. It is a well known fact that I hold little regard for our neighbours to the south. Time permits me from going into detail at this time. However, I am very impressed with Al Gore. I always believed Bush should never have won that election...there was something funny going on there, any way I digress.

I encourage you to watch this movie. Al Gore is an excellent teacher. This is happening now. If we do not change the way we live there is going to be drastic changes in the world in my and possibly my mother's life time and she will be 82 this year. A picture says a thousand words and this is a very eloquent portrait of the state our world is in.

If we expect to leave a legacy to the children of the world, a legacy we can be proud of then it is time we DO something about it.

First watch the movie, second change something about the way you live. If everyone makes one change the next one will be easier.

It may be Inconvenient but it is about time we grow up!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

These are the days of miracles and wonder....

While I sit here surfing Carl is playing the Graceland Video on his computer in the other room, the alarm clock is ringing away and we are on our second cup of coffee.
For you babes out there, the year is 1987 and Paul Simon , late of "Simon and Garfunkle" fame, held a concert in Zimbabwe Africa. This was a celebration of African Music and his album Graceland. At this time, in South Africa, apartheid was the law and blacks and whites were not seen together period. Paul Simon held this incredible concert with Hugh Maskela, Miriam Makeba and introduced the world the South African group Ladysmith Black Mombazo.
This is such uplifting music. You just want to tap your feet. So when the world is getting you down rejoice with this music and think of how things do get somewhat better. "The wheels of change grind exceeding slow."

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Grey's Anatomy

OMG That was a three hankie program. Good thing Carl wasn't home. I poured myself a glass of wine watched the show and cried like a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excellent program....Denny was such a sweet man....sniff....and Christina showed a more human side......Bailey was as usual my heroine....I love that woman!...sniff... blow my nose. If you have never watched Grey's Anatomy.. go to the beginning and catch up, one of the better offerings on TV!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Prestige

Can you believe it?? Two good movies in one weekend. Wow. This one doesn't even come out on DVD until the 20th. We got it off the Internet and watched it yesterday. Suspense, mystery, did they do that?? I know I am going to have to watch this again. The clues were there I just missed them the first time around. This movie has one of those "OH MY GOD" moments when suddenly you realize what is going on...or at least you think you do..lolol That's all I am going to say about that. Good period piece wonderful costumes and some beautiful people. Michael Caine is endearing and Hugh Jackman is well just ...elegant. Perfect casting.
You can not have Any interruptions while watching this movie. Pay attention! Now I will be spoiled, there is nothing to watch today.

A Good Life...sweet

Ok this is my now my new ALL TIME FAVOURITE MOVIE!. As soon as I heard the critics hated this movie I knew it would be a winner. Russell Crowe ( easy on the eyes) is an endearing "Shark" of a Stock Broker adored by his "lab rats". Tolerated by his personal assistant (who knows his weaknesses) and haunted by childhood memories of idyllic days... Oh and did I mention filthy rich!! What a combo. You love him but want to see him brought down a peg. This movie was wonderful. The scenery was just beautiful. I can't recommend it strongly enough. A great "date" movie. I will watch it over and over again. The funny parts are hilarious and the romantic bits make you sigh......Now I have to read the book! The story is by Peter Mayle( an Englishman, who lives in Provance) who wrote, duh, A Year in Provance, another one of my fave "mini series". Reviews on this movie are either like mine or they hate it. This is about as far from the Gladiator that you can get. If you just happen to like wine and the vineyards in the south of France (chuck the rest of the country) this is the movie for you. Obviously the writer knows the countryside and the people. I can't say enough so I should just shut up and let you go watch the movie!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love is wasted on the Young......

... that is an old saying and I don't agree. BUT I think the young can take a lesson....
Last night as I was falling asleep my dear man whispered in my ear," Will you be my Valentine for another year?" ... On Valentines I got 6 Roses the size of oranges with stems that look like a tree. I have never seen anything that huge. This from a man who last year said he would never buy roses because they are so over priced....and he cooked a roast beef dinner! Pretty nice huh? My whole entire life no man has ever said that to me. I thought that was just in the movies. He is a man of few words but when he speaks they are sweet.....OK my children can quit gagging now...lolol

Monday, February 12, 2007

NaNoWriMo Challenge

I have been sitting on an e mail from NaNoWriMo for over 2 weeks. It came, I read it and have been thinking ever since. For all I know it may even be too late. Anyway I will check that later.
The idea is that you set a goal for yourself for the coming year. Goals are good. They give us a reason to procrastinate..lololol. No, I am sure that is not the reason they are doing this. This goal can be anything of your choosing. There are a lot of things I would like to do. I just can't decide which one....lolol.So I waffle and waste time.
Oh by the way the repair bill for my car will be in the neighbourhood of $2,500. ouch. If I had to reapir it I would feel even worse.
I found a great knitting site ( on the weekend. CANADIAN too. Bonus.
Hmmmm that reminds me of that knitted shawl in Meg Swansens Lace Knitting Book.That would be a hefty project and would take me until NaNoWriMo next Novemember.
I will have to think about this......

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Beware Big Bashing Buggars!

My poor wee RED car was bashed tonight as I was leaving work by a 1989 One Frickin TON truck colour: grey and rust . I see him every night as I leave work . Tonight he was so busy looking up the street he didn't even look for me and rolled out of his drive and SMASH right into my passenger front quarter. This may be nothing more than a fender bender in most peoples opinions but to me it is traumatic! I can't open my front passenger door.. Boo Hoo We had to go to the Police Collision Reporting Station and he said. "I didn't see her!" Admission of guilt. My $500 deductable is waved and I get a rental car while mine is being fixed. I have to go to the estimate place tomorrow. Oh sigh I just didn't need this ....right ...never.
I called Carl right away and he talked me to the collision center as I had no idea where I was going.
He will be home around 9 tonight. He was concerned thinking it was the drivers side and was I OK? but I said it was the other side and other than being shook up I am alright.....My poor car.....
*sniff* All the way home from the Collision Center I felt as if all the other cars were about to hit me.....sigh.... I was glad to get home.


Hiraeth is the Welsh word for a deep seated longing for your homeland. That is about the closest I can think to explain it. Anyway I challenged my daughter to plan to go "back home" with me in three years. As I put it, that's only 156 weeks to save. Or 78 pay my case 156 pay days; I get paid every week.
She can celebrate being 39 and I don't mind putting off being 60 for another 3 years..... really!
I took a trip with my mother around that age and we had a wonderful time. I only wish she and I could go again.
So last night I opened another savings account through my online banking and deposited some money to get started. This is going to be my travel account. The other one is my retirement account.
I would like to go some where nice and warm with Carl now. It would be good for both of us just to lay in the sun and bake our bones. Some nice bright sunshine after these dull days.
It has been so freaking cold these days. I can't stand much more of winter. I didn't bother to check the "ground hog announcement" the little buggar lies every year anyway!
O.K. break is over I have to get back to work.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Three Weeks already??

Hard to believe that I have been at the job 3 weeks already. Wow. the days fly by I am so busy.
Then I come home and collapse. lolol
I sent out an e mail today to the beading Ladies I used to teach. There are no classes now I have left. I told them that if they were stuck in "Bead Limbo" I would have a class for them. I heard back from 6 of them so this Saturday I am having them over for a finish up class. It will be nice to see them again.
Oh Lordy that means I have to finish tidy up the clutter. Ah it won't take me long. Carl will be out of town on Saturday afternoon so it is good timing all around. I am yawning so much I can hardly type.
I finished my Mother's socks. Carl has offered to drop them off in Tilbury on Sat. on his way to Detroit. My mother hasn't met him yet! Hmmmm is this a good idea? I will hear about it for sure.
I have yo get to bed. Nighty night