Saturday, January 27, 2007

Blah Blah Blah

My God I whine a lot, Sheesh don't mean to I guess I look upon this place as my "venting spot".
I had a dab at domesticity today even got out the vacuum. God I hate cleaning. I even went shopping for some decent drapes and bed coverings. I have to spruce up our bedroom it is just not me. My dear man told me to go ahead and do whatever I want...rubbing hands together in glee..heheheh.. he may be sorry.. One of these days he will go out and come home to a different place.
Speaking of which. He has a "thing" for paper. You don't touch it you just let it pile up. I on the other hand are of the " If you haven't looked at it in 6 months throw the sucker out...discounting all knitting magazines ( of course)" So today I cleaned off the island in the kitchen. End of the World. OMG he was beside himself. From now on I will just add the mail daily to the already growing pile on his computer table. He started shredding but gave up after about 15 minutes. poor sweet man. We all have our "thing" and this is part of why I love the dear guy.
Shhhh, don't tell him.. But when the pile get's too high I will take some off the bottom and put it in a box in his computer room. I am so devious.....rofl He has a table in the living room where he records his business runs..that's the pile I was just talking about.
I am sure there are things about me that make him crazy too..Like moving his papers...*G*
What the hell it could be worse. I am on my own tonight..boohoo..he won't be home till midnight.

He burnt me a copy of Phil Collins, Love Songs, a compliation... old and new. It is wonderful

Friday, January 26, 2007

If Wishes Could Make It Happen!

Sometimes dreams and wishes should just stay that way. If you never try to make them happen you don't get disappointed. Then again if you never try you never know either. Very confusing. Sorry about the ramble. I just had to face this morning that I am not going to be able to complete the univeristy courses I wanted to do. It is too late in life to bite of this big a chunk. To say nothing of the cost factor. My enthusiasm was greater than my common sense. There would be another $155.00 cost per course for a course extention and that would only give me 2 more months. Not enough time. Oh well, I think what I really wanted was the "university" experience as much as the piece of paper. The amount of money I have spent thus far has made me wince. It was a gamble and I never was a good gambler...So there it is. It's over. I tried. Did you hear that "pouf"? That was a bubble that just got broken.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Who knew: I am Feng Shui Natural?

So there I was re arranging the furniture in my office, buying a picture for the wall, tossing out clutter and today I discover I was doing everything feng shui! What do you know?
My back is to the wall to give me strength. The desk if off set to the door so the entering chi can be dispersed. The colour of the walls falls into my colour scope. ( go to The picture is a bright splash of colour. I have a plant with a warm colour (pink) an ivy and a small palm. I am going out to get some bamboo in water to put on the table to my left. I pull up the Venetian blind to let in as much light as possible. All I need now is a spiritual corner ( top of the filing cabinet) a red cloth or red telephone stand under my telephone for open communication and I am just about set. I need something on the wall where the Chloe calendar is.....problem...need the calendar....That is my creativity space according to my feng shui map. I bought some silk sunflowers for the filing cabinet I just have to make a grouping of them and something for my spiritual corner maybe a little statue of Ganesha. The elephant god for my granddaughter or a smiling Buddha or maybe both! Tomorrow on the way to work I am going to A&P they are open 24 hrs and have wonderful bamboo. Then I will have to make another stop at Home Sense to see if anything new came in this week. I will post pictures. This is exciting!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

A street on the Isle of Capri!

There it is..ta dah.. this is the picture I bought for my office wall. It is three feet square.
It brightens up the whole space. I am going to get a jug of silk sunflowers to put on the filing cabinet. It is actually much brighter than shown here.There is a lot of bright yellows and gold. I can almost feel the heat of a summers day on Capri. A beautiful place! ...Sigh ...I am sure I walked past this door.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Awww Nuts!

No one told me that Home Sense is the place where, "when you see it buy it cause the next time you go it will be gone " kind of store. Yup I went back after work and they were gone. Ok I will find something else.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I have arrived!

For the first two days on my new job I came home at night and collapsed. I am sure it is brain exhaustion *G.
Let's face it my previous job wasn't rocket science! Now I am learning about mid and high efficiency furnaces and the differences in power consumption with a dc over an ac motor, then there is the paper work! Thank God for a computer..lolol Anyway I am enjoying it. I enjoy the challenge and we have hardly scraped the surface.
I feel like Nixon's secretary these days. The previous girl was a pack rat and has kept records since 1992. A little excessive. so Gord went out and bought a shredder. I have years of stuff to shred. A literal mountain! The poor shredder keeps over heating!
While they are out today I am going to re arrange the office. I took a tape measure yesterday and measured everything and I should have lots of leeway. The office is 10'x10'. I am going to take before and after pictures. The file cabinet, which is 3' across will be the challenge. I will have to empty a couple of drawers or it will never move. I went out last night and looked at Home Sense for a picture. I found 2 I like. One is pastoral just a tree and a field but the colours are gorgeous. The other one is more mediterranean with lots of tile roofs. The office walls are aqua and I really don't want to paint yet. The sky in the tree painting is a much deeper shade than the wall and has a large dark brown frame. The roof painting has lots of coral and sandstone tones no frame the canvas is just stretched over the stretcher bars. So anyone have any comments? I went on the Home Sense web page in the hopes I might find pictures of the paintings but no such luck. You will just have to go by my description, such as it is.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Here be dragons!

You can hardly make her out on her bed of red satin. She arrived today from Nova Scotia nestled in a box of purple raffia and snuggled in a bag of red satin. She is a creation of a sensitive woman named Heather d'Entremont.
I had to turn my dragon ring around to show off. I have christened her "Blodeuwedd" Pronounced Blow- die'- with. It mean flower face and feminine spirit. she was conceived in the fair isle of "New Scotland" under the loving touch of a very talented lady. Her eyes are garnets, she has pearl and glass accents and a Swarovoski crystal on her forehead. You can't get more regal than that. She is coiled around a boro lampwork "egg".
As I start my new job on Monday she will be with me for inspiration. I am going to have to write a little story about her life and how she chose to live with me. I am sure she was born of the mist of the morning, the spray of the sea and the rising of the moon, as all good dragons are. They only need the soul of a believer, the hand of a creator and the call of a safe haven.
Blodeuwedd, whisper her name in the night and she will be there.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Global Warming

Lately, the weather gives one cause to think about global warming. London is in the snow belt, therefore, winter means snow and lots of it. Not only is there no snow it is so UNseasonally warm we had the window open at least eight inches all night. We had a hawk sitting in the little tree in our front yard the other morning. I went into work yesterday afternoon at two and said to Sarah,"Where are the bunnies?" I expect to see them in our back yard anytime soon and Easter has to be any day. My lightest winter coat is too warm these days. Then how is it I am still cold at work? I was thinking some fans in the ceiling would be a good idea. I stood on a chair to turn the TV monitor on and the the air up there was toasty. Am I going to say anything? Why bother. I will be gone in another week. I observed that an idea I proposed about two months ago is now being acted on. Typical. I was having flashes of "bitter" yesterday. I am the first person to say I do not take criticism well. Even when it is well intentioned. But that is my HUGE inferiority complex. I really tried to make suggestions that would be helpful, maybe she took them as criticism? She did ask if I had any ideas? So now I will beat myself up with this. Sheesh I am a piece of work. I don't want to leave any loose ends when I leave. I have at least a days work sitting on the work table in the lunch room. I dare say Iris can find me something to keep busy for the rest of the week. OK I am done my whine for today. I keep thinking I should be using this space for something more than just a diary.

Friday, January 05, 2007

No one is indispensable.

My present employer couldn't wait to tell me that my job has been filled. She has hired a replacement. Well good for her. No one is indispensable. Here's hoping the first and only person she interviewed is as good as she thinks. My co worker has misgivings. She feels the rush to hire someone this week is to prove to me that I am not important. Whatever. Only time will tell. I am just anxious now to make the change and get it over with. One more week of limbo. Next week is going to feel very long. I will be working for my new job on my day off. I have one more project to finish up and then just tidy up. I am not going to leave anything undone for her to complain about. I get an inspirational e mail every morning. This morning it was about confidence. "Fake it till you make it." That reminded me of my late Uncle Harry, he used to say, "You can bluff your way through anything." Words of wisdom as I start a new job.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I am knackered!

Today I went to the new job. Just for one day this week and it is multi layered. We barely scraped the surface but I am challenged to learn more!
Then I went out with 8 crazy women for curry at the Jewel of India and then 5 of us went and played (read: cheated at) pool at an Irish Pub. Five of the eight of us are grandmothers and I am happy to say we did not set a good example. Well then again maybe we did it all depends on your outlook.
Tomorrow I am back at the old job. I am supposed to be there 2 more weeks. There is a staff meeting tomorrow morning I have been told I am not expected to be there. A trifle snotty but another good reason to be glad I am leaving. She can go ahead and give me severance and I can go to the new job. My new employer would be glad to see me earlier.
I am heading to a nice hot bath and a good book.

Monday, January 01, 2007

O.K. I know you are there!

I gotcha! Here I thought I was talking to myself and maybe 1 or 2 others. I just got a report from my site meter. I am glad someone is reading this cause some times I think I "wax eloquent"all alone. But sheesh the least you could do would be say hello. See the comment box at the bottom. How's about you say hello, disagree with me, or something and I post great pictures too!! I feel like Jodi Foster listening for something from outer space.