Sunday, December 31, 2006

I have left the building!

Or rather I will be leaving the building. I spoke to the boss and gave her the word. I am taking the new job. My little Chinese girl I work with is unhappy I am leaving but she understands. Our new girl who calls me her "second Mom" is disappointed too. Too late to get cold feet now.
Tuesday I am going out for "curry" with a group of ladies (customers from the store), I will tell them at the restaurant.
In honour of this change of jobs and the New Year I got rid of the blond. Poor Carl came home to a brunette. I don't think he likes it much but I said lets wait a week and if it doesn't lighten up a bit ( the hairdresser said it would) Then I will go back to blond. To tell the truth I am not sure I like it either. I had gotten used to being a blond. Hmmm. I have a feeling it is going to be a little tense at work for the next 2 weeks. I am going to my new job on Tuesday (my day off) to start learning. I spoke to my son on the phone yesterday and his concerns were that this guy be "legit". I didn't realize that I had made it sound so casual. Last night we were at a card party with my new boss and other than his wife brought the job up to me, on the side, he and I did not discuss it. Our social time will be separate from work time.
Anyway, my son asked me these questions:
Are you happy in your current job?..........sometimes
Can you see yourself doing this for another ten years?.........nope
Is there any chance of expanding what you do?..........not likely
Is there any chance of making any more money?...........ditto
Is there any room for any advancement of any kind?....... nope
and the biggy,
What are the chances an opportunity like this will come along again?.........well duh, at my age?
So I have done the deed. Evenings and weekends off. Wow. It has been years since I had that.
So here goes, New Year, New Job...{:0) hair colour... }:0( ...

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Which way is up?

Which way to go........
O.K. I had the job interview yesterday. Whew there is a lot to this job. Three phone lines ringing in at once could be stressful. But, you know I looked at the other aspects and I think I would like it. The whole structure of the job is entirely up to me. There are things that have to be accomplished but how I go about it is my baby. My own office....needs to be cleaned and spruced up...and organized and my own bathroom! He said there are two bathrooms but as, and I quote,"Men are pigs" he will tell the other guys not to use that one and I won't be expected to clean their bathroom just the one I use. The pay is awesome. I am in shock over that however I think I will earn everypenny. He is thinking of moving the office to a new location in the future but he did say I could paint if I wanted. But it will be O.K. I may finish that wallhanging I was making, the batik stainglass one with the dragonflies. These guys are not prepared for a girly girl. I have just about decided to take the job. I want to talk to at least one of my kids just to bounce it off someone. Carl said whatever I want to do is fine with him he just wants me to be happy wherever I work. I am trying not to think about the money. There is a terrrific amount of responsibility. I sat at work last night and thought about it and you know there has to be more to life than counting beads. I like the teaching but I feel I am in a rut. I could be organizing advertising or dealing with suppliers more and the part timers could be doing what I do. Forty years experience in the workplace could be better utilized. This would cetainly call upon all my skills and I have another computer program to learn. I am old enough and smart enough to realize there will be things that will not go well, that is the nature of any job. You just have to suck it up and find a way. Now to drop the bomb at work! Oy vey, this is not going to be received well I can tell you. O.K. I have decided to take the job I would just like to bounce it off somebody and get some feedback. I hate change. It's ok once you do it it is just the transition!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stupidity !

The topic of adoption came up in a conversation today. I could not believe the words coming out of this woman's mouth. Get this...she said adopted children get in to trouble more than other children or some such rot and then tried to justify it by saying something about not you not knowing the genetic make up of adopted children and they are pre disposed to get into trouble.
You know that moment when the blood in your body goes to your brain? It is the opposite of fainting. You suddenly achieve the ability to rise off the ground and become an avenging angel. I turned on her and yelled in her face. I AM AN ADOPTIVE MOTHER AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "THE BAD SEED", THAT MYTH WAS DEBUNKED YEARS AGO. IF AN ADOPTIVE CHILD GETS INTO TROUBLE IT COULD BE BEACUSE THEY HAVE FELT DESERTED, UNLOVED AND LIED TOO!!! MY ADOPTED CHILD IS NO DIFFERENT THAN MY OTHER CHILDREN. CHILDREN OF THE MOST LOVING AND CARING FAMILIES SOMETIMES GET INTO TROUBLE. I was so pissed I could have slapped her. I walked away from her before I did. I did not speak to her for the rest of the day. I am still in a rage. She tried to back pedal and say she and her husband had considered adoption at one point but I was walking away from her. She does not want to bring this subject up again in my hearing. How is it possible in this day and age that someone can be that freakin stupid and ignorant. I throw my hands in the air!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Very interesting!!!

I got a phone call today. That in itself is not unusual but this one was. I have a job interview on Friday morning at 9 am. Don't get me wrong I like my job, albeit I do get frustrated. This job interview comes at a time when I received a very complimentary Christmas Card from my present employer. Hmmmmm. At present I work in a retail environment, this "other" job is an office manager for a privately owned company. They have approached me! I would be working independently with my own office. I am not sure if I want to make a change right now but if the job is right and the money $$ is right...well, I guess I will have to wait and see what happens.
There would be perks with this other job too. 5 days a week probably 8-4, nice I could take that especially in the summer. Lots of customer interaction. Two bosses...hmmm we would have to set out some rules for that from the get go . I will just have to wait am see what I am offered. I guess it is time to dust off the resume.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Don't go shopping today!

That was close! I had just turned into the parking lot next to the mall when two young men collided their cars. I didn't see it happen so I hightailed it out of there and came home. But for the grace of God go I, my father would have said. The traffic is horrendous the people are ignorant. Forget it, if I go out I will walk over to the mall. *shudder* The mall lot is so ful lof cars, people are parking up and down our street and walking 2 blocks to the mall. Shoppers in London seem to have a lot of disposable income.
The above picture is a proposed glass bottom and glassed wall walkway to be built over the Grand Canyon. The fee will be $25.00 Yeah right! Pay to be terrified??? I wouldn't walk across the Bridge at Capilano, Vancouver Island, B.C. and it was a damn site less terrifying than this. Howsomeever, it swayed in the breeze. Not for me I prefer solid ground.
Work tomorrow morning, only one more week of all this seasonal joy and we can get back to normal. Working retail just takes the joy out of the season. I have been off 4 days and I am starting to get a little squirrely. I like my routine. All the things I thought I would do and I haven't done a thing. I think it is time to go put my feet up again.
Christmas was very nice this year, lest you think I am a total Grinch. I got to see my other two grand daughters and my other 3 children their significant others including a NEW girlfriend. She seems very sweet. Lordy I feel old some days. My grey is growing out and I am torn whether to go back "au natural" or keep up the blond. Men never seem to have this problem everyone says they look distinguished. O.K. enough rambling. I am out of here. I wonder what we have to eat????hmmmmm

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas, and don't be afraid to say it!

It is not "Happy frikin' Holidays" it is MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I went to my nail salon yesterday. When I opened the door the smell of incence from the Buddah shrine in the corner filled the air. Right in front of me was a huge Christmas tree filled with decorations. As I was leaving my lovely little Vietnamese couple wished me a Merry Christmas. Now this is an excellent lesson to all those "politically corrrect" jerks out there. My friends are happy to share my holiday and do not feel threatened. *Sheesh* I refuse to say Happy Holidays to the customers at the store. My Chinese co worker who is not a Christian would say Happy Holidays and I would say Merry Christmas. The customers would always respond to us with a big smile. The politicians could take a lesson!
My Mom is out of the hospital and at my brother's for the week. I went to see her on Friday before I went to work. Today Carl and I are off to visit overnight at my son's. This year I will get to see all my children and grandchildren within a week of Christmas. Pretty nice!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My 15 minutes of Fame

Early in the fall of 2005 whilst surfing the net one day I happened across the Echelon Press web site. They were announcing a book idea for 2006. The book would be 12 "novellas" or short stories, one for each month, and as a "Reader Appreciation" they were looking for character names and personalities. The public were invited to fill out a form and tell why you should be chosen. So I did and then promptly forgot about it. In about Jan 2006 or so I heard back that I had been chosen and would be featured in the story for September. Yeah right, I thought. Well, yesterday I got an email from Yvonne Eve Walus of New Zealand with a copy of her story attached. So there I am! How about that?
When you click on Echelon Press go to "Readers Win". see me there? The only Canadian in the group!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

All fixed!

Well, the silly car is all fixed now and there is a dry wind blowing through my savings account. As I was saying to Carl I remember a day when I didn't have a saving's account to deplete. I still needed some help to pay the bill, but, at least I didn't have to return my Christmas shopping.
So when the winter winds blow and we start talking about the vacation we would like to have taken this winter, Carl can blow the snow out of the driveway with his snowblower and then we can sit in my car in our bathing suits with the heater turned up full blast.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Just as I feared!

The good news is the transmission wasn't damaged. After that it is bad news like a snowball.
I have to get a new rad, new transmission lines plus fluid, the engine has to be cleaned and I have to have a new thermostat. When the lines blew, water, transmission fuid and anti freeze all mixed together and my engine is full of a white goo. Parts, labour ($85.00 and hour remember) and taxes ( let's not forget the government, after all they just voted themselves a 25% pay increase) will bring the bill to about $1.300.00. Sorry, I just had to pause and wipe my mouth I gagged again.
I will be left with $37 in my savings account and I will have to borrow some money from Carl to get this done. Of course I hadn't finished my Christmas shopping, I have 5 minutes left on my phone and the car payment is due. If this is what you get with "good Karma" all the bastards out there had better watch out!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am devistated!

Today I went to Loblaws at 1pm to pick up some cookies for the "Bead and Break", which I host every Wednesday afternoon at the store and is held at 2pm.
My car acted funny at the stop sign and then I pulled into a parking space. To cut to the chase my car "bled" it's transmission fluid all over the parking lot!
I called Carl who came and looked at the mess and said," Well where do you want to go?" My car is only 3 yrs old so off to the dealership we go. Back to the car. The tow truck comes which is covered under my purchase agreement with Dodge. No charge there. Probably the only break I am going to get. Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!
Evidently the transmission hose has exploded off the rad ( read: Now the rad will have to be replaced) and they will call me tomorrow with a more detailed report ( Read: More money) and an estimate! They charge $85 an hour I make $11. I was gone 2 hours, to buy cookies, now I owe the store 2 hours work, which means I have to go in early on Friday.
Now, I am faced with having to return my Christmas shopping to pay for my car repairs. Sarah the new girl at work, (she drove me home) says I have good Karma. Bless her, from her mouth to God's ear!
The last 24 hours have been the pits. My ex sent me a Christmas gift after I repeatedly told him to leave me alone. I promptly went to Canada Post and sent it back. I should have looked at the return address before I signed for it. I was thinking my mother had sent me something. This of course caused undo stress for my present man and me. *big sigh* Oh Joy Oh Bliss!
We received a beautiful Christmas card today from Carl's cousin and his wife. I needed that when I got home. They are such a sweet couple.
I am waiting for Carl to get home from work. I didn't get any lunch today with this whole fiasco , but, my appetite suffers when I am under stress. As my dear friend in Nova Scotia would say "fmg". *sigh* again.
I think I will go get some bread and butter.......and a box of kleenex......I am feeling a little over whelmed.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's On Your Christmas List?

I had an interesting conversation with my dear man last night. I pass this on to those of you with men who seem to screw up at gift giving time. This is what he said:
"Men have a difficult time shopping for their wives. If we see some lingerie we like we are afraid you won't feel comfortable wearing it or it will be the wrong size or you will think it is unflattering."
(Proving girls that our men do not percieve our bodies the way we do). He went on, " Women go shopping more than men. We haven't a clue where to find most things anyway. Women usually do the laundry (not a sexist remark..the truth) so you see when something needs to be replaced."
Men are afraid of not getting you something you really want because women usually expect us to "know". (If we can't read their minds they sure can't read ours).
So I sent him an e mail this morning with four suggestions, and the stores where they would be sold and in order of preference. We will see how well he makes out.

O.K. I got tagged!

Four Jobs I've Had:

Wow, which four do I pick.

Manager of the Video Department at Steve's TV - the best
Selling Wedding Dresses - the worst
Variety store with a lunch counter - the first
Owning my own Wool Shop - the scariest

Four Places I have Lived:

Fort Erie, Ontario
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Milton, Ontario
London, Ontario

Four Favourite Foods:

Crunchy Salads with ranch dressing
BBQ salmon
Ice Cream

Four Movies I'd Watch Over Again:

Enchanted April
Pride and Predjudice
Phantom of the Opera
Sense and Sensibility

Four TV Shows I Enjoy:

Grey's Anatomy
Studio 60
Naked Archaeologist

Four Places I Have Travelled:

Dublin, Ireland
Cardiff, Wales
Pompeii, Italy,
Oaxaca, Mexico

Four Places I would Like to Visit:

Back "home" to Wales
Valley of the Kings and Luxor, Egypt
Easter Island
Macchu Picchu, Peru

Monday, December 11, 2006

Mystery Beads

I bought some carved black beads. They are described ubiquitiously as black jet jade. Now this curiouser and curiouser because jet is neither jade and jade is neither jet. Jet is really coal and they are both black.
I have ten 10 mm beads and one approx 12 mm. They have flowers carved around the hole (what a waste) and a Chinese symbol carved on the front.
They are very lightweight and when I rub them between my hands they become very glossy.
Here is a little quiz: I have always pronounced "necklace" as neck-lus ( emphasis on the beginning of the word) I am hearing more and more..neck-lace ( emphasis on the end of the word).
What do you say?

Friday, December 08, 2006

Why I May Not Get To Work Today!

That big white blob on the left is my red car.The blob on the right is Carl's Jetta. All this fell after I got home from work. Which was about 8:45 last night. These pictures were taken at 6:30 this morning. I carved a path through the powdery snow to the road so Carl could get on the van, they sent from work, to drive him to the yard. There is no way I can dig my car out. London is buried. The guy next door has a snow blower and stood there watching me while I shoveled. Um, excuse me, but have you ever heard of KARMA? I had to carve a path for poor Chloe to get down the side steps and out onto the yard. She was ready to walk right off the patio. She would have drowned in the snow. We must have got 3 feet!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What day off??

I did so much yesterday I need today off to make up for it. Iris called from work to say that the meeting was cancelled today. No big loss, I don't think we accomplish anything at it anyway.
Yesterday was baking day. At least I got started on making some cookies for Christmas. Carl was thrilled when he got home work and even though I had assured him I had tested them and they were fit for human consumption he said he had better check too. I even had a pot roast in the oven. AND I did the "L" word, AND I went grocery shopping, AND did a little Christmas shopping. Which by the way turned out to be a bust. I bought this neat little tactil beanny elephant thing for my granddaughter and when I got it home I discover it is stained. I am going to the OTHER Wal Mart in the city after work and look for another one. That bummed me out. Didn't watch a movie, Didn't get to knit a stitch. Big excitement while I was in Wal Mart they arrested some woman for shoplifting. You should have heard the screaming and carrying on. She had a potty mouth too. I live a sheltered life let me tell you.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Let it snow!

Today is my day off and I just have to get up the intestinal fortitude to go out to the store and buy some butter. It is not buying the butter that bothers me . It's going out in that white stuff....shudder
December has arrived and for all the children out there I am happy. After all Christmas is coming and that is what it is all about right?
Other than that I have to do some laundry and I will probably do some knitting and watch a movie. I can't seem to connect with some of my friends via e mail or messenger and according to my site counter no one has read anything here in over two weeks, excepting my daughter, so I don't know what to think.
I got my certificate printed out from Nano and one of the girls at work even inserted my name in it for me while it was in pdf format. When I can afford it...sigh...I will buy myself a frame. My Christmas shopping is almost done. Just waiting for next payday. I think things like insurance and rent should be free in if..lolol That's ok I am still in my budget.
I need something to eat.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Christmas Shopping ??

I started this post out by saying that yesterday I had started my Christmas shopping and I hoped to finish it today. Not going to happen. I have hit a wall with my grand daughters. There is not a copy of "Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses" to be found in London and the coocoo clock I wanted for Meg that cheeped like a monkey is way out of my budget. Damn. Now I am stuck.
I wonder sometimes why I bother to keep writing here except it is like talking to my self.
Sorry, Corinne, I know you stop by sometimes.
I didn't get one comment on my "Winners!" post. Then again the purpose of that was to challenge myself; which I did so why should it matter?, because it does.