Sunday, December 26, 2010

Oprah, Shame on you.

 I admire Oprah Winfrey. She is a self made woman who should be held up as an example to every young woman. No matter how your life begins, and hers was a nightmare, it is possible to achieve greatness.
That is why I am VERY upset at the recent attempt to portray her thin when she is not. She is giving a very mixed message here.
The cover of the Oprah Magazine is so obviously photo shopped when compared to the most recent photo I wonder that she condones it.
On one hand she encourages woman to be the best you can be but this visual message says appearance is more important. Yes, I am going to write to her.
I am disappointed.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Good Will Unto All...

This is Christmas Eve and I have just baked..again. The house is filled with the sweet aroma of butter tarts and the spiciness of meat balls. The kitchen floor is washed and I quit. No more baking ... that five pounds will have taken up permanent residence on my hips.
While I was chopping, measuring, whipping and pouring I was thinking of how fortunate I am. Finally after years of uncertainty I have peace in my life.
This year has had it's ups and downs. January started off just about as bad as it can get when Mom went to be with our Dad. I can hear my mother saying, "When I am gone, don't grieve for me. Get on with your life." Yeah right Mom. There have been moments when I have found that hard to follow. As she did not hold with disobedience I have done my best. Some days are pretty damn hard.
I lost forty pounds, which is a good thing. We ARE getting older, the alternative is not in my game plan so I deal with the aches and pains.
Work, or rather the lack of lately, has been a little of a stress builder. What it has shown me is how much I really NEED to live on and how much I spend.
In the spirit of this season, I would like to add this thought. There is no need for "Political correctness." Canadians lived for years with out it. What we had, which is now lacking, is respect. I wished my co worker a Merry Christmas and he accepted it in the spirit it was given and when he said Happy Hanukkah I knew what he meant. We shared our wishes and extended blessings in the context of our cultural beliefs. This respect was taught to our children. We are all children of a higher power AS WE SEE HIM/HER. If you truly believe in your higher power suppose you show it with understanding and respect?
Fanatics will always be with us. There is evil afoot in the world. Throughout history, there has been a desire for world domination by one sect, religion, country or culture. I find it interesting that Ronald Regan, shortly after becoming President of the United States, said, "How quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world." I realize many will snort and take that as a fanciful statement but as a child of the 50's, before micro waves, cel phones, computers and walks in space, I have to ask, " Have you looked at what has happened in the last 40 years?" Are you so smug as to think even that is out of the realm of possibility? Where will the fanatics be then?
If I can't ask that question on my own blog well then where the heck can I?
So here we are on the cusp on a new year. We over taxed and over caffeinated Canadians can look out on the world and shake our heads as we give our country away smug in the belief that everyone likes us. Our total indifference will be the end of the country as we have known it. We are perceived to be weak in the eyes of the world. The Olympics last February may have been our swansong on the world stage. Only time will tell.
My Christmas wish this year is that we step out, make eye contact and say, "Merry Christmas"  with warmth and feeling so that regardless of the words the true feeling of "peace on earth, goodwill unto all" will be conveyed. Who could be offended by that? Someone will be whether we say it or not.
Merry Christmas to all my readers. May we all know the peace that passes understanding .

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In training for retirement.....

Day one of my "laid off" status or as I prefer to think of it "retirement training." Didn't accomplish anything earth shattering today. Started munching on yogurt covered raisins this morning to the point of nausea.
Henry VIII
Watched 10 lots of yarn NOT sell on eBay. Most disappointing. I had watchers but no bidders. The first week was very encouraging, this week not so much. I listed 2 collectible dolls. Suddenly struck me this might be a good time of year. I used to be into that sort of thing now I am just trying to downsize all the time. Who knows I could have a winner here? Who said I wasn't optimistic?
Venetian Clown
 So I had fun doing that. Tomorrow I have to do something a little more constructive.  Didn't knit a stitch today, at least not so far. My Nanowrimo didn't work this year, as I mentioned yesterday. Although I find that disappointing, and I have no one to blame but myself, I am going to set aside time each day and work on last years story. All is not lost. I just have to get into a routine.
See you tomorrow........

Monday, November 29, 2010

A month of waste

It is true and no mistake that as we age time flies by. I lost the whole month of November. It slipped into the time warp continuum or what ever. Anyway I find myself staring December in the face. My Nanowrimo failed and I feel a waste as well. Watched "Julie Julia" on Saturday and I know exactly how she felt. Where Julia Child was her inspiration Elizabeth Zimmerman is mine. Woe is me I have no direction. Carl says I am too hard on myself.
However, I have 2 pounds to go to reach my self imposed goal weight so I guess I am not a complete waste.
I do have a vague memory of this picture being taken. My snow suit was blue. Jodphur ( spell check doesn't even recognize this word...riding pants) pants were very desirable because there was lots of room for your dress. Little girls in 1950 wore dresses you know.
I have two Christmas "do's" coming up. Next weekend will be gallons of tea and tears as 4 of us child hood friends will get together. Three sisters and myself. Our mothers were the BBF of the day. Mine was "Mrs. C" to them and theirs was "Mrs. K" to me. In the 50's, it was not thought respectful for children to address adults by their Christian names.
We have not all been together in one place in probably 30 years. This will be a tissue and camera time. If only our mothers could see us now..
Then the following week will be The Family Brunch. My daughter in law came up with the idea of us all getting together in lieu of gift giving. To have my dear man and all my children and grand daughters in one place at one time is gift enough for me. My youngest brother and family will be there, my other brother and nephews who are far away will be greatly missed. My Mom would be so happy that on this first Christmas without her we are gathering on what would have been my father's 87th birthday. It will be a very emotional time and I am such a softy I get weepy thinking about it. My Great Auntie Kate always said my tear ducts were connected to my
There will be lots of pictures in the weeks ahead. Time to dig out the Christmas jacket I made 17 years ago. Mom and I used to take turns wearing it. She wore it one year I wore it the next. This would have been her year so I will wear it to the Brunch.
So, on top of everything else I am laid off. Now doesn't that suck? Hopefully it won't be for a long spell. I have a message for the Canadian government. The HST did not stimulate business. It is not helping the small business man. We never wanted it. Do you know how much 13% is on a new furnace and air conditioner? More than I make in a week. That is WHEN I was working. What a bunch of fatuous #$%*.
Stay tuned for more exciting news next time.....

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Nanaowrimo is afoot.

The Tzarina's Star
This morning I will have about 2 hours of uninterrupted time to write. The coffee is made, breakfast has been consumed. Yesterday I wrote the prologue.
My inspiration for this year's book is the broach pictured above. As far back as I can remember my mother wore this on "special" occasions. When I was little she would let me hold it while I sat on her bed. I don't know where she got it. It has always fascinated me and so the story begins...

Thursday, November 04, 2010

This is how I am doing it.

Everyone keeps asking me, "How did you loose the weight?"

This is a typical evening meal for me: I am all about the fast and easy.
This looked so good tonight I had to take a picture. Took 10 minutes to make. It was delish!
And I am well satisfied. I use Rancher's dressing instead of butter on my veg.
Here is what I did. In a small shallow fry pan
I lightly fried 5 fresh mushrooms cut in half in about a tablespoon of olive oil, on a low heat
Move the mushrooms over to the side and add a fillet of fish ( tonight it was tilapia)
Cover and let it simmer
While it is doing that I cut up a small tomato and cleaned a handful of broccoli florets
Took the lid of and dumped the tomatoes and broccoli and and covered again.
Then I got some grated Cheese out of the freezer about 2 tbs and some dried cranberries.
Checked the fish it was moist and flaky ( about 5 min). Drained the water off ( from the tomatoes) and added a splash of juice from an opened can of mandarin oranges. Covered and turned the heat up for a minute or so.
Gives it a taste of orange.
Reserved about 25% of the fish for my lunch for tomorrow.
Put all the rest of it on the plate, sprinkle with the thawed cheese and the berries. Garnish with rancher's dressing
Serves one.
Girl Soup
Yes this is me in the hot tub last weekend with two of the grands. It actually started to snow. The steam keeps the air around you remarkably warm, getting out was another story.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

NaNoWriMo strikes again!

Here we go again. I wimped out last year before I really got started. So I am back at it this year. Just because I have nothing to do except tons of knitting. Makes me think of Colin's voice recognition soft wear. Talk and knit at the same time. I should check with Carl and see if he has that program in his repertoire.
For the unintiated I am talking about the National Novel Writing Month. It happens every November. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. In 06 and 08 I won, last year I think I got to about 8000 words when things broke down. We were so swamped at work I didn't have it in me to to type a word when I got home from work.
I still like the story I wrote in 2008 and it has been in halfhearted rewrites since then. I had a good story line last year and may work on that theme again unless I get another brainwave before midnight Oct 31st. No starting before then, no cheating.
So Carl is off to Motown today and I am all by my lonesome. The sun is shining, the breeze is wafting but at 15C (60F) it is a little too cool for me to sit outside and knit. I went to see my BFF yesterday, wish she lived closer. As much as I like London I have no friends here to visit on a Sunday afternoon. Poor
I am going to BBQ a chicken and cranberry burger for my yummy. Still working on that last five pounds.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

We are bombarded with images everyday. After a while we don't "see" them anymore. We may even become annoyed at the repetition. I am sure at some point we have all said, "It is October and here comes those pink ribbons again." The company that Carl works for has designated one of the Air Buses as the "Pink Ride" and the image of the jet on the side of the Sprinter is now painted a bright pink.
We should not loose sight of what those pink ribbons represent. I have encouraged women every where to get a mammogram. Finally I listened to myself put aside my busy schedule and made my appointment. That was about six weeks ago. A week after I received THE phone call. The one that says, "The radiologist would like you to have an ultra sound. There is an abnormality (AKA "a lump") in your left breast. We have made an appointment for you on October 4th." ( five weeks away at that time). Too bad I wasn't a politician or a sports figure I would have been in the same day.
So this morning after killing off millions of brain cells in the last five weeks alternating between sure it was nothing and doing the "OMG OMG what if scenario" Carl and I went to the clinic.
London has a new Breast Screening Center at St Joseph's. I had a Digital Imaging Mammogram and an Ultra Sound AND the results all in two hours. I have a stupid little water filled bubble. All that worry for water. I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
If it had been Cancer I would have had the best chance of a complete recovery because of early detection. If your reason for not making an appointment is because you are afraid they may find something, well that is pretty silly. You can not be so busy that you ignore your health. Get off the procrastination highway and make your appointment today.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

6 Arrowroot cookies later....

New followers! Brave souls...welcome all ye who enter here! On to today's thoughts................

I am not hungry. But you know when you want something to eat and you don't know what it is? It is a dangerous place to be in. I mean you could graze your way through the fridge and still not be satisfied.
I thought about fruit. Nope. I have Skinny Cow ice cream bars. Nope. I even considered a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Nope. I finally settled on baby cookies. Sigh. I quit while I was ahead.
Who am I kidding? What I really fancy is a slab of old Canadian cheddar cheese, a loaf of dark rye bread thickly spread with BUTTER and (and don't gag) strawberry jam washed down with a bottle of German white wine.
I swoon.
I have come too far to give up now. I will indulge when I can be satisfied with a slice of cheese on a slice of rye bread and a glass of wine and skip the butter and the jam.
Over on the knitting blog you will see how I have been keeping myself busy and distracted.
Five pounds to go!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Subtle Message

Last night we watched the premier of Mike and Molly. A seemingly innocent story of two lonely people who meet and fall in love. The premise is sweet but I was disturbed by a couple of subtle messages I picked up on. The first was "Yes, we are fat therefore we are funny," and I caught 2 blatant homophobic comments that were in  bad taste, uncalled for, unnecessary (Come to think of it, if it's homophobic it will always be in bad taste, uncalled for and unnecessary.... you know what I mean.) I detest name calling and humour at the expense of an other's feelings. Morbidly obese people have an addiction to eating the same way an alcoholic has an addiction to alcohol.
Our society is degrading more in every way if this is the best television can come up with in the way of "entertainment."
Had this program been about how two shy people "who happened to be overweight" meet and fall in love, I think would have had some merit. Remove "overweight" from the equation and there is no story.
There could still have been humour but this is unkind and I was embarrassed for them.

Absolutely delightful

Nothing much has been going on working, knitting and watching what I eat or rather what I don't eat.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It is all about choices.....

As the title suggests, life is all about the choices we make. I am a great list maker and goal setter. I need these guidelines to accomplish anything. Deadlines ? Well, I am not so good with pressure. I had set myself a plan, over on the other blog, to reduce my yarn stash. AKA, stop buying more wool than I can conceivably knit in this life time. Cue the hysterical laughter. If you knit you understand. So bearing that in mind and weighing the desires pictured here... I broke my yarn fast and "treated" myself to 3 hanks of Ultra Alpaca Fine, the colour is called Blueberry Mix. Almost as tasty as the fattening stuff and the added bonus is I am down another pound this morning. I shall now retire to the lounge on the patio to indulge in my vice.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The last ten pounds from hell,

If the gods have blessed you and you have never struggled with your weight then you had better leave now. Go on pack up your knitting and your skinny bum and take off.
I am frustrated beyond belief. This last ten pounds just won't go away. It is stuck in bits all over me and although I appreciate the fact that I am much healthier in reality I WANT THIS LAST BIT GONE. Specifically the Two pounds that keep coming and going and have been doing same for the last month. I will not be a dumpy little old lady. Five foot three is a respectable height and a proportionate weight is all I ask. This summer has been a blister and I am SO glad I was not hauling around all that weight, oo it would have been nasty. My dear sweet man was shocked when I mentioned I had 10 more pounds to loose. He exclaimed,"Where," when I was bemoaning my lack of progress.

Joan from Little Red Mitten recommended this book. We have been talking 4 ply fingering, Mary Tudor and total knitting insanity. She sent me an email telling I had to read this book. What a scathingly brilliant idea. So why didn't I think of writing it? It is a light read and I am enjoying it very much ... kicking myself the whole way for not thinking of it myself. Ce la vie! All the better if it distracts me from my nemesis, the scales. On my way out the door Carl called me "Skinny Minny" ....sweet man...he can be tactful.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Update My Portfolio

My colour muse is tapping in my brain. I feel another fair isle project coming on. So I yutzed around in Ravelry and that's when I discovered that I am sitting on a gold mine..of sorts.
For the uninitiated Alice Starmore is THE Fair Isle Knitting diva. She has also has a book on Celtic designs that is to die for and Aran Knitting. Words escape me to describe this woman's contribution to the knitting world..
This soft cover book originally sold for around $26 in 1998. Amazon is offering used copies for $299.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have all her books. In mint condition. O=M=G
The only thing is I can't part with them for any price so I guess they go into my portfolio.

Friday, July 30, 2010

All calmed down.

This morning the air was fresh and with the sun roof open, travel mug of steaming coffe in hand, I drove to work and didn't even get one red light. Peace has been restored to my infinitesimal spot in the universe. I have so much to be thankful for and yet I allow others to influence my emotions.
If I can't rant and rail here where can I? Thanks to all who helped me realize I am better than all this.
It is a good day today.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will it never end?

There are experiences in life that drastically change us forever. We are of course a product of all our experiences but some things truly have a life altering effect.
As the years go by we learn to "live with" these memories. Only the most naive expect us to "get over it." We don't. We carry the wound inside forever. Periodically something happens that brings that experience to the forefront of the brain. It threatens to absorb our thoughts, the scab is, effectively, ripped off and the wound bleeds again. Having your tormentor defended in any situation is unconscionable to us. When ones children are involved the rage is comprehended only by another mother. I am getting to old for all this drama. I should adopt the ancient Jewish custom of burying a box of stones and declaring the person dead. Maybe then I would gain some peace.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How cute is this?

...and I am getting new personalized plates!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Humidex and fuzzy hair

OMG the humidity today is brutal. Never ever wash your hair on a humid day. I am a mass of fuzzies. This is the day I really appreciate all the weight I have lost.
My camera has gone on a short holiday, without me, and will be back next week. So, more gratuitous pictures of THE car and the daisy on the dash will have to wait. Someone had the nerve to honk at me this morning because I didn't go around the corner fast enough to suit them. HELLO??? I am driving a new car! Wild abandonment driving will resume at a later date. Yesterday some boob decided at the last minute not to turn left from the left turning lane but to go straight and cut me off. Very pleased to report the brakes and the horn work extremely well. I felt compelled to make a hand gesture which under normal circumstances is entirely out of character. I chalk that up to new car stress.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Heaven Blue 2010 VW Beetle

I am so pleased with my new car I could just about bust. Come winter those heated seats are going to be my best friend. Sigh, who knew I could be so smitten with a car.
For years I have said , "A car is something that gets you from point A to point B and keeps you dry when it's raining." Snort. Little did I know the effect of a 2.5 L engine and a moon roof!
Oh and yes there is a pink silk Gerbera Daisy in the dash vase. Which made all the guys at work gag. Jealousy will get them nothing!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ginko Biloba in my front yard!

The branches are like paws waving in the wind.

I have been asking everyone from the day I moved here, "What is this tree?" No one could answer me. Back in the school days beyond we were charged with pressing leaves in waxed paper,(no resemblance to that stuff they sell now) and labeling great sheets of Bristol Board with them as class project. I have a rather large repertoire of leaf designations in my brain sans the identity of this one.
It took a door to door salesman, who happened to be a botany student from the university, to tell me. Rather, he told me before I asked him. I answered the door chime and he spurted," Would I be interested it "whatever" and DID I KNOW WHAT I HAD GROWING IN MY FRONT GARDEN?" I am almost expecting a parade of university students this fall to observe said tree and discuss it's status in hushed tones.
It is the best known example of a living fossil!! How about that?
This fossil is from British Columbia. The Ginko Biloba Tree is on the endangered list as "threatened."
Our tree is a mere infant compared to this one from Belgium. It appears ours is a "male" as I have never observed any seeds. However, I understand ginko has an anti aging property.
Maybe I better go harvest a few leaves and make tea.

I wonder if I should call David Suzuki?

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Car shopping

I am frustrated beyond belief. Car shopping has to be the worst experience. I have read more about cars than I ever expected I would in my whole life. My opinion of some of the salesmen is right up there with purveyors of snake oil. They will tell you anything. The only one I liked, a woman, sold Smart cars which I have been convinced is just not enough car for the money.
Then the insurance companies are right there to carve their pound of flesh. All in all a most upsetting experience.
My other beef is with the car companies. What's with the black interiors. Blech! Do you know how hard it is to find a car with a light coloured interior? The aforementioned smart car comes with a red or blue interior. The VW Beetle has a cream interior, IF you can find one left.
Not totally giving up yet but pretty pissed off.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lost, Misplaced and just can't find.

On this day 1928 the bread slicing machine was invented. Sliced bread, by which all good things are measured!

The heat continues in our part of the world. It was 45C in Port Stanley, on the lake, where it is supposed to be cooler than in the city. That's 120F and this is Canada and if we all lived in igloos, as some people think, things would be a trifle damp right now.
No, this is not my car I wouldn't have been surprised it my tyres had looked like this when I left work yesterday. Perrier ads are very apropos these days. Look at the camera lens, too funny.
I have done it again. Story of my life so it can not be blamed on age. I have misplaced something. It is very frustrating. I can hear my mother's voice in my ear, "If you have looked in all the likely places then go look in the unlikely places."...sigh

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Antiques and micro chips

I made reference the other day to the "voices." This is how my daughter refers to her characters fighting to be heard when she is in the throws writing. She is on her third (or is it fourth) book and I am not even out of the starting gate. I think I need a mentor. With a big stick.
Through the devices of the WWW I heard from a dear friend with whom I had lost touch. One day whilst wondering where she had ended up, I posted on a search wall. About a year later she whimsically googled her own name. She was shocked to find a post saying "looking for..." It was good to touch base with her and I bring this up to say she was my "big stick." The one thing she said was, "Harry Potter," should have been mine...lolol She always believed I had it in me to write a blockbuster.
So I have this first draft written. It is unmitigated drivel and crap and I would be embarrassed for anyone to read it. Having said that it has some redeeming features. My early morning voices have added to the mix and now I am thinking of combining 2 story ideas into one. Or jacking the whole miss into the tip. There is no reference to knitting in either of the plots. Considering the state of my aforementioned knitting this is probably a good idea.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

A new follower!

The lazy crazy days of summer are truly upon us. No summer holidays for me this year as we have opted to save our time for the winter and head south for 2 weeks in January. I mean way south and over to the Pacific side. With all that nastiness going on in the Gulf and Carl wanting to go to the Dominican or Jamaica...well, I guess we shall just have to wait and see.
My knitting has completely broken down. I am stuck in the mind numbing phase of the lace project. The Faroese wool is not working with the beautiful Aran pattern I bought through Ravelry.
So this means either a new pattern or new wool. Double crap. I think I shall have to put them both away for now while I "cogitate." I am waiting delivery of wool for a winter sweater so here's hoping that works out. In the mean time it is back to the project that has me bored to tears. Two more pattern rounds and at least I get to add some beads to the edging.
I am car shopping. Carl is having a fit. My little dodge is starting to cost me $$$ and I am concerned what will happen next. It is 8 years old now and I am thinking it is time to move it along. Carl just bought a 2009 Dodge Caliber. It was time for his 1997 Jetta TDI to go to the big car lot in the sky. It was a big decision and the time was right. He will miss his little diesel engine.

So.....Julia and I took a Smart car out for a drive. I loved it. I was a nervous wreck driving someone else's car and although the engine is different I am sure I could learn to handle it.
It was fun while it lasted. Practically speaking we get a lot of snow in the winter and some mornings our crescent is not plowed by the time I leave for work. Carl has safety concerns about me driving this car. "But, it is so cute." I wailed. Saner minds prevailed. So now I am looking at a VW Beetle.
I woke up this morning with, as Corinne would call it, "the voices," fighting to be heard. Maybe if I stuff a micro card in my ear at night some of these good story scenes would be recorded by morning. No? Oh well, I have enough bits of ideas to write another War and Peace. Which, yes I am rereading.

Friday, July 02, 2010

The True North Strong and Free.

Yesterday I was at work for most of the day. The powers that be decided that we should work on the 1st and then have a 3 day weekend. At the time it seemed like a good idea until the day arrived. The phone never rang..oh bliss..but the thought of everyone else swanning around pools with a brew was most disconcerting. Then the computer went tits up and I didn't get to do month end. I got sent home at 2:30 with a full days pay. I love my boss.

We stood in our garden last night and watched the fireworks going off in the park behind us and I sent up a silent prayer of thanks to my Higher Power. I live in a free country where explosions of light and thunderous noise is in celebration of life not death. We live in a safe country where our biggest complaint is the HST, well taxes in general. We go out of our way to welcome anyone who wants to live here and compromise our life style to accommodate theirs. Not perhaps the smartest thing we do but, we are what we are.....Canadian!

I am fiercely proud of my cultural heritage. I think it is important that everyone acknowledge their roots. This is Canada the great melting pot. Stir us up, bake us in the summer and freeze us in the winter and we come out CANADIAN. My children are CANADIAN. My grandchildren are CANADIAN. I live in the BEST country in the world.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh, What a Night!

My high school years were revisited on Saturday evening. I laughed, I cried, I clapped my hands over my head and I did the hand jive. It was emotionally cathartic. "I Walked Like A Man," and lept to my feet "Woo Hooing" with the rest of the grandparents. If you weren't a teenager in the 60's you simply can't understand what a fantastic evening this was to everyone of us who experienced this music first hand.
My darling man looked at me bemusedly and said,"But it's not really Frankie Valli." It was as close as I am going to get.
Here's a clip of the real Franki Valli, forty seven years later he can still wind up the crowd. I get a kick out of the fact that these "4 seasons" weren't even born in '63.

Friday, June 25, 2010

The end of an era.

This is closing day on my Parent's home. The treasures have been dispersed and today someone else will own the yellow brick house on the circle. I am feeling old today.

When my parents bought that house my brother's were in public school and I was a new bride.

I remember my father and I taking some things into the house prior to the movers. This was a government sponsored move and there were some thing my mother did not want to trust to anyone else other than Dad and me.

As we got out of the car in front of the house I said to him, "I bet the neighbours are peeking out the windows saying," Look at that sweet young thing with that dirty old man." Dad replied,"Oh no, look at that distinguished man with that little gold digger." My Dad was 47 at the time. I miss his wit.
I have been an emotional orphan since January but today this physical transfer of property has hit me harder than I expected. My children have said the same thing. To them this was Gran and Grampy's house and it is hard to comprehend anyone else living there.

Feast your eyes on this!

Them's be 2 stones on that scale. Breathing hard on 30 pounds lost. Looks like I will be at this all summer chipping at the stone pile. Once the crowing is done the humiliating thing is admitting I put all this weight on in the first place.
Crap. Definite plus is that clothing on sale is usually in the smaller sizes.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Days and a Tartan Tale

What a gorgeous weekend. As usual far to short. Pictures of our private WWKIPD over on the knitting blog. We thought about going to a more public function but you know I deal with the general public all the time and frankly spending my day off with hoards was not my idea of relaxation. The weather was perfect and the rain never happened. What more could you ask for? Sunday I crashed in the garden to knit and Julia arrived and then stayed over for some supper with us and then I drove her home.

One major accomplishment this weekend was the "cleaning out of my closet." There is no way what fit me last winter will fit me this winter( woo hoo) so out they went. I am of the "change your clothes when you get home from school" generation so my work duds show very little wear and we laughed when I realized I have been wearing some things for about 10 years! ...or more. (cringe) I am going to treat myself to a new kilt for the winter. Mine has become very shabby. It's more than 20 years old. Now that I have my grandmother's cameo I want knit myself a nice "fruity" ( generous, gathered, lacy) jabot to wear with it. Jean made one recently and I am inspired.
I shall have to go to Elora or Fergus to buy my kilt. I know of two excellent Scottish shops in both those towns. They have the where with all to provide me with the correct tartan. ... See left.
I must tell you a story, I don't think I have told it here before. About 20 years ago I had a really nice Black Watch Tartan Kilt that had been sent from Scotland. I had friends who were going to a Tattoo in Toronto and they kindly included me in the group. In keeping with the theme so to speak I wore my best blouse and velvet jacket and my Kilt. We were to stop at a private home in Toronto for drinks and gather another couple before heading out to the Armory. As I removed my winter coat in the foyer of the home, a voice boomed behind me.
"By what right do you wear the Black Watch?" I just about jumped out of my skin. Without even thinking I turned and snapped back, "By right of birth, the Campbell's gave the Black Watch the tartan, I am a Mac Diarmid, Campbell of Breadalbane." The man stood there with his mouth open staring at me. My friend, watched this confrontation and howled with laughter. He knew the moment he saw me that this would happen and had been waiting. What he didn't know was I had the right answer. Turns out his friend was the then President of the Black Watch Society in Toronto, who had a right bee in his bonnet about who should be wearing what tartan. My Nana would have been "reet prude" of me. He laughed pounded me on the back and announced to everyone that I was a "good 'un."
~~fun memories from an other wise very difficult time in my life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glorious Summer Starts.

These warm presummer days do my heart good. I so dislike the cold...shudder.
The flowers are blooming and the grass is green. The humidity has been high, portent of steamy days to come. I am not complaining, believe me.
This Saturday is WWKIPD, world wide knit in public day, and I am planning to join the knitters at Little Red Mitten in St Thomas. Just hoping the rain holds off. Must call DD to see if she would like to go with me. I have already hauled out the cooler to pack lots of "bevies" and lunch.
The HST starts July 1st. and we will be paying 8% more tax on things that were exempt before. It is wicked the amount of money we pay for inept government. If the government was a business it would have gone into receivership and the CEO would have been jailed for misappropriation of funds long before this. All this and we are still in better shape than "south of the 49th."
As an outsider looking in, I observe that the "love affair" with any new President is usually over by the time he takes the oath of office. I really doubt if they would be any happier if McCain had been elected. They would have found fault with him too. It is a thankless job and it is a wonder anyone would want it.
Now, to BP and the oil spill. I refuse to believe that this could not have been settled long before now. Put your ego in your pocket ask for help from EVERYONE, try EVERYTHING and for the love of god stop talking and do something! Today!
While they are passing memos up and down the corporate ladder and wringing their hands I see the residents of Louisiana have defied the "law" and are sucking up oil off the beach with a "shop vac on steroids." It works, so why aren't they using it more? Oh right, it wasn't BP's idea.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh sigh

I am trying to remember to cut myself a little slack. I just kinda opened my mouth, unintentionally stuck my foot in and swirled it around whilst trying to get it back out again. No hard feelings. I am the one cringing. Made myself look foolish. Oh crap. Everyone else will forget it and I am the one replaying in my mind what my big mouth uttered....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Slacker Too...

In this world of cyber everything. We seldom take the time to catch our breath. My children are always telling me to slow down.
I was "rushing" when I fell in January and "ratched up" my ankle. I was trying to hurry when I was clipping two huge shrubs last night. Walking up to our front door was almost like entering Sleeping Beauty's castle. One shrub had encroached upon the front window and was blocking out the light. To say that one had to be six feet high would be conservative. I am 5'3." This meant holding the clippers over my head and furiously chopping away. By the time I finished my arms were trembling and I was drenched. I gathered up all the clippings and had to admit I was done in. My arms trembled so badly last night I had to use two hands to hold a glass of water and I couldn't knit! Now that is bad. Today I am still shaky.
So, I said all that to say this. I need to cut myself some slack.
The other Susan, a gifted designer, was very eloquent and I agree with her sentiments. Please read her post from June 4th ( if you can tear your eyes away from the patterns on the sidebar)
I am a slacker, how about you?