Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Advil morning

Yesterday was a three Advil morning, I am being optimistic.

We arrived at the hospital to find Mummy sitting up in bed. A little confused but chatting away. David looked at me, as if to say, What are you doing to me? Hey, I said ask your brother. She knew who we were. Paul almost fell over when he arrived and saw her. I said, "Please tell your brother about the last three days." The Dr never came in to see her. I am sure he thought there was no point. By the end of the day she was munching on a donut and sipping a Pepsi. Two things she seldom if ever asks for. One of her grand sons was there also. We all laughed and talked all afternoon.

I think this is an "energy surge" the last hurrah so to speak. Not to doubt the efficacy of prayer and if she continues to improve this is a gift from God. Sure, she will get stronger and I am ready to collapse. Today I am going in to work for the day. I have to call the chiropractor as my right side is in spasm I can hardly type and I have so much to do. David will call after he sees her today and after he talks with the Dr. She had a CT scan yesterday.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Abbysmum: I am going to the book shop after work and look for those titles. I need some escapism right now.


Abbeysmum said...

So happy to hear your Mum has sparked, never underestimate the power of prayer, miracles happen.
Good luck with the book hunt, They have sold widely here, and have looong reserve listings at the local library, since word has spread, so hope you enjoy.
Safe and Happy Christmas to you and yours

Happyone :-) said...

So happy to hear that your mom had such a good day. :-)

Knitman said...

Don't forget to give your Mum love from that eccentric man in England.