Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas/Pre New Year's limbo

We have entered that no man's land between left over turkey and putting away all the decorations for another year. I traditionally do that New Years Day. Everything looks so bare afterward. If I eat another cookie I swear I will bust. I have been non stop munching. Carl had to work Christmas Day in the evening. Boxing Day we went to see Mom in the hospital. She wants out of there. Well, actually she wants to go home. I am not going to be the person to tell her that is not going to happen. She is weak but has her faculties...most of the time. Which is a great relief. Now if we could get her moved somewhere a little nicer we would all be happier. I mean how hard could it be to put her chair by the window. They want her to sit up each day. Parked in a corner staring into a bleak hospital room .... blech! Poor Mummy, I cried on the way home. I hate leaving her.
I woke up this morning with that dry scratchy throat that usually heralds laryngitis. Oh joy... oh bliss..sarcastic comment by me. My nearest and dearest mumbled something like, "Oh that is too bad." (me thinks I detected a snicker) So here I am on my break at work. My throat hurts to talk on the phone. As long as it doesn't ring I may actually get something done.

After lurking on the Gossamer Web Group on Ravelry I have decided on my Major project for 2010. I am going to knit The Queen Susan Shawl. I am up for a challenge and this should just about fill the bill. I emailed Fleegle with my yarn choice and I have started to swatch with some cobweb merino I had in my stash with some 1.75 mm needles. I have knit with 1.25 mm before. So I mean," How hard can this be?" Sure tempt the knitting gremlins, fool. I downloaded the 73 page pattern and have given it a cursory read. Some major studying is in order. It appears to be basic stitches and I will concentrate on completing the center panel before I move on to the edgings. Choices choices I have to pick which center I will knit. That will be the second step.

The first step was deciding on colour. I was all set to go for a deep Isle of Capri Blue when this appeared before me. Ergo, I have decided upon this delightful yumminess, called Black Plum! Merino, Cashmere and Silk.
When I am old.....I will wear luxury!

I have also started a new picture header for the blog for 2010. Choosing the pictures has always the most fun. Narrowing them down to three or four is the hard part. I would like to represent the Queen Susan Shawl as that will be my major knitting project this year. It is still up in the air what else I will choose. Stay tuned for that. Back to the shawl. I will be tracking the progress on the knitting blog. I may add a progress bar over here just for fun..and to keep me focused. Three weeks and 2 days and I will be basking in the sun on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.....sigh

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well, I hope everyone has had a Happy Christmas. Carl got called into work so that meant we had to have our Christmas supper at 2 pm. It has been a quiet day. I tried to call my Mother (at the hospital) there was no answer. My brother and sister in law and nieces were there today and By all accounts she ate a roast beef dinner and cherry cheese cake that Deb brought in. Hopefully Mom was sleeping it off. Tomorrow we are going to see her.
Carl just called he is on his way home. We are going to have our coffee and pie at 9pm. Probably not a good idea for me I will end up with killer heartburn. Ah well it is Christmas.
Thought you might get a kick out of this picture. Recognize the ponytail? Yup, that's Gene Simmons. He and Carl (on the right) had quite the chat while Carl was driving them around. I was impressed that Gene sat up front like "real people."

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's very disappointing.....

I am a trusting soul I know. You think I would learn but noooooo.
I went out to my car this morning and the inside was a tip. I forgot to lock the door last night. The glove compartment was emptied, the storage box between the front seats was emptied. They even went through the litter box.
Missing: one Rosary, (how low is that?) and my cup full of change ( my emergency coffee money).
I would have a little more compassion if they had taken the hat, mitts, scarf and the quilt of the back seat thinking perhaps they were cold and alone. They obviously have no literary skills.There was a Chapters bag with 2 new books left behind.
If this tale sounds familiar it is because It has happened before. As I said you think I would learn!
So, whoever you are I have one word for you, KARMA.
I will not let this bother me. My Mother continues to improve a little "loopy" at times but forgivable in a "little old lady." I just want to see her back up on her feet and out of that hospital. The rest of my family is thriving and I am better now that I have ever been.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas week.......

If you haven't read Franklin's latest cartoon then I would suggest you go do so now. I laughed so hard.
Here we are at Christmas Week and I am over whelmed. My mother is on the elevator of reality again. When I got there yesterday she very politely asked me,"...and may I ask who you are?" Then the "doors open" so to speak and she is back with us before she is gone again to another floor. It was a very stressful visit. My brother will be at the hospital today to demand some explanations. We will have a conference via Skype tonight.
My computer at work did a nasty on Friday...ahem...user error. Sometimes we can't blame everything on computers. Good thing I have my own personal IT Tech. About 8 hours to unscrew what I screwed up. Go figure one click at the wrong time.
I discovered a new toy and amused myself last night creating Tattoons of my nearest and dearest.

I dare say they will have no trouble identifying them selves. I am going to do the grand daughters next.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Two Advil morning

Yesterday was a three Advil morning, I am being optimistic.

We arrived at the hospital to find Mummy sitting up in bed. A little confused but chatting away. David looked at me, as if to say, What are you doing to me? Hey, I said ask your brother. She knew who we were. Paul almost fell over when he arrived and saw her. I said, "Please tell your brother about the last three days." The Dr never came in to see her. I am sure he thought there was no point. By the end of the day she was munching on a donut and sipping a Pepsi. Two things she seldom if ever asks for. One of her grand sons was there also. We all laughed and talked all afternoon.

I think this is an "energy surge" the last hurrah so to speak. Not to doubt the efficacy of prayer and if she continues to improve this is a gift from God. Sure, she will get stronger and I am ready to collapse. Today I am going in to work for the day. I have to call the chiropractor as my right side is in spasm I can hardly type and I have so much to do. David will call after he sees her today and after he talks with the Dr. She had a CT scan yesterday.

Thank you all for your prayers.

Abbysmum: I am going to the book shop after work and look for those titles. I need some escapism right now.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am worn out. tired, pooped, stressed. you name it. I am waiting for my brother to arrive on the 1 am train. It hasn't snowed until tonight...of course. Carl is in Toronto on business this evening and "if" he gets home in time he will pick up my sibling at Via Rail. If the 401 is snow covered it will slow him down and I will bundle up and go to the station.
Corinne and Evan went with me to visit my Mother today. She is weak and vague. I had an opportunity to speak with the Dr. She has pnuemonia and the Dr says she is "spiraling down." Tomorrow I will go with my brother back to the hospital, meet with our younger brother and see how she is doing. Poor Mummy would not like to see herself like this.....

Monday, December 14, 2009

What a day!

Thirty years ago around lunch time today I first held my "chosen sweetie." He was 5 and half months old and was so wonderful to hug. His father and I met at the adoption agency office with our social worker and the baby's. Her name was Miss Rose and she wanted to meet with us before she felt comfortable parting with her charge. He was an adorable baby and everyone loved to snuggle him.

Now he is tall and slim with premature grey in his black hair. Hard to believe he was such a butter ball. I am so proud of the man he has become.

Today was my Grandmother's birthday. I called her Nana my children called her GeeGee ( short for Great Grandmother). She passed in her 97th year. Today she would have been 113 yrs.

A class act all the way from her high heel shoes, White Shoulders perfume and her ever present string of beads. She has always been my example. I miss you Nana.

To round out this emotion filled day, is the status of my mother. We went to see her yesterday at the hospital. She was asleep when we got there. My first impression was "Mummy where did you go?" There is hardly a lump in the blankets she has become so small. She is loosing her brightness and her concentration wanders. I took the unprecedented action of signing on her behalf for a procedure that must be done and she refused last week. Without a "thorocentisis" (sp?) she will continue to go downhill. The emotional impact of taking this action has over whelmed me. My mother has always been a commanding presence in my life. My father used to say she could teach a Scots man how to be frugal and a Sicilian how to hold a grudge. Suffice it to say you didn't cross her. Now she is a frail little person. There are risks involved but the risk of not doing it outweighs any other. My brother's are in full agreement it has to be done. Hopefully as her breathing improves she will get stronger physically as well as mentally. So, I am a wreck.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hola Mexico!

This is the Las Brisas resort (red roofs) in Huatulco Mexico. South of Acapulco. Our flight is booked and paid ( with cancellation insurance...just in case).
That is the Pacific Ocean! Six weeks from now I am going to be having breakfast under a palm tree. Packing will commence after the New Year, too many things going on right now to think about it.
Once upon a time when I was a wee girl there was such-a-thing as the "Children's Tea Party." Mrs McMillan, (I remember that her hair was worn in braids wrapped around her head)was the dietitian at the hospital and rented a flat from my parents. She hosted one of these tea parties and the pink bell in the picture was a favour from that day. It had candies in it. This had to be prior to 1955. I think of her every year when I hang this on my tree. The smurf is one of the toys that has been on the tree since my children were little.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

I am not good at this...

Mom is supposed to be having a procedure today. Or rather at 9:30 am today. The Dr. was supposed to call my brother who was going to get some answers out of him before hand and then call me.
Waiting is not my strong suit. I do not wait I knit to I distract myself. I am at work on a tea break. I do not have knitting. The phone is not ringing to keep me busy.
Instead I am watching the clock. That was a mighty long 2 hours and still nuttin'.
I pruned my plant.
Emptied the recycling box.
Back to the book keeping........

later the same day: Oh, fun we get to do this again tomorrow, nothing happened today.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Winter Deluge

Last night it was cold and it was snowing. Very pretty... as I didn't have to drive in it. This morning it is a deluge. The temp is above 0, the "ketch" basins are plugged with fall leaves and the water is backing up in pools into the roadway. The rain continues to pour down. Pedestrians are in dire peril of becoming engulfed in great swaths of water every time a car tears down the street. Yes, "tears" as in driving too fast. All the little boys are behind the wheel this morning deliberately driving through the puddles trying to see who can throw up the largest sheet of water. Winter comes to Ontario. Next it will freeze and then we will really be in a pickle. I was thinking of driving to Chatham to see my mother in hospital but 1. I am uncomfortable driving in the dark and 2. icy roads scare the begeezus out of me. Looks like I will be creeping home tonight.
On the knitting front: Truly I am knitting with a "hot" needle now. Here I thought I had everything figured out and now I discover Michael's vest needs another motif in order to be long enough. This was the week I thought I would be "cutting the steeks." Maybe this weekend. Wait, it has to be this weekend. Not a problem I can do this.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Home made bread

My mother is in the hospital again and I have, of course, thought a lot of the past when she was a vibrant active person. We never had "store bought" bread in the house when I was growing up other than 3 times. Once when she had her tonsils out and then when my brother's were born. It was the "cross I bore" that I had "funny" bread for my sandwiches in my lunch pail. Children can be so cruel. " How come your sandwich looks funny?" I had a friend that used to come over to the house and would inevitably sit on the bread where it was rising under a blanket in the corner of the couch. This was before the days of "family rooms" where the living room was the room we lived in. Eating was done in the kitchen and homework and sleeping was done in the bed room.
Oh, for such a structured life in today's society.
My grand daughters, 2 of them, came for the weekend. We shopped, went to the movies, dragging Carl along, and had a smashing good time. Skip Disney's latest offering of the Christmas Carol in 3D. It could have been so much better. Alister Sim is the quintessential Scrooge and somethings should just be left alone. Youngest GD wore the Digital 3D glasses the rest of the weekend. The movie queen diva doncha know. I call her "Tallulha"...as in "Bankhead".....go google it.