Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cotten Pickin'

It seems inevitable that today would go by with out a mention of President Kennedy's assassination. As the population ages, and that includes me too, it lessens in importance and becomes a moment in history. As hard as you may find this to believe the same thing will happen about the bombing on 911. We have become so hardened in our response to human anguish. I can't help but fear for humanity.
On a more joyful note. We watched a program about Folk Singer and American Icon Pete Seeger this evening. It was wonderful and brought back bitter sweet memories of our younger days. He is 90 now, hard as that is to believe. We learned a bit of trivia I had to pass on.

Have you ever heard the expression "cotten picken'?" For example in "have a cotten pickin' good time"...etc. Meet Elizabeth Cotten who wrote the song. "Freight Train" when she was 12 and sang with Pete Seeger when she was in her 60's. She hadn't sung or played guitar for 40 years when she went to work for the Seeger family. She was left handed and played the guitar in a way that became known as ...."cotten pickin' !" She was born in 1895 and was still singing into her 90's.

I just love a feel good story. She sings her song at about the 4:25 mark in the above link. Enjoy!


Karen :-) said...

Pete Seeger many years ago kept his big boat in the marina next to the marina where my dad kept his little boat along the Hudson River. I walked by his boat many times back then.

Knitman said...

I understand what you mean, but if we did all feel the feelings all the time, we wouldn't survive. We have to move on. The trick is to not close ourselves to the point of not having empathy. That's when we don't care and stuff like terrorism happens. It is also how we go to war. If we really allowed ourselves to know what we would wreak upon people, we wouldn't. Imagine if Bush and Blair actually saw the little bodies of children blown apart by their 'just' bombs?