Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas/Pre New Year's limbo

We have entered that no man's land between left over turkey and putting away all the decorations for another year. I traditionally do that New Years Day. Everything looks so bare afterward. If I eat another cookie I swear I will bust. I have been non stop munching. Carl had to work Christmas Day in the evening. Boxing Day we went to see Mom in the hospital. She wants out of there. Well, actually she wants to go home. I am not going to be the person to tell her that is not going to happen. She is weak but has her faculties...most of the time. Which is a great relief. Now if we could get her moved somewhere a little nicer we would all be happier. I mean how hard could it be to put her chair by the window. They want her to sit up each day. Parked in a corner staring into a bleak hospital room .... blech! Poor Mummy, I cried on the way home. I hate leaving her.
I woke up this morning with that dry scratchy throat that usually heralds laryngitis. Oh joy... oh bliss..sarcastic comment by me. My nearest and dearest mumbled something like, "Oh that is too bad." (me thinks I detected a snicker) So here I am on my break at work. My throat hurts to talk on the phone. As long as it doesn't ring I may actually get something done.

After lurking on the Gossamer Web Group on Ravelry I have decided on my Major project for 2010. I am going to knit The Queen Susan Shawl. I am up for a challenge and this should just about fill the bill. I emailed Fleegle with my yarn choice and I have started to swatch with some cobweb merino I had in my stash with some 1.75 mm needles. I have knit with 1.25 mm before. So I mean," How hard can this be?" Sure tempt the knitting gremlins, fool. I downloaded the 73 page pattern and have given it a cursory read. Some major studying is in order. It appears to be basic stitches and I will concentrate on completing the center panel before I move on to the edgings. Choices choices I have to pick which center I will knit. That will be the second step.

The first step was deciding on colour. I was all set to go for a deep Isle of Capri Blue when this appeared before me. Ergo, I have decided upon this delightful yumminess, called Black Plum! Merino, Cashmere and Silk.
When I am old.....I will wear luxury!

I have also started a new picture header for the blog for 2010. Choosing the pictures has always the most fun. Narrowing them down to three or four is the hard part. I would like to represent the Queen Susan Shawl as that will be my major knitting project this year. It is still up in the air what else I will choose. Stay tuned for that. Back to the shawl. I will be tracking the progress on the knitting blog. I may add a progress bar over here just for fun..and to keep me focused. Three weeks and 2 days and I will be basking in the sun on the Pacific Coast of Mexico.....sigh


Abbeysmum said...

Hi Susan, happy to hear your Mum is doing better.

Can't wait to see your progress on the new shawl, I haven't done any major knitting projects for quite a few years, I spent a lot of time quilting, but even that has gone on the back burner except for special things for the grandsons.
I am a private Nanny for 4 kids under 6, so my days off are spent resting, with no energy to concentrate on patterns.... hand quilting is a no brainer, so I can manage that ok.
Do hope you enjoy the book, I have finished the last one and as soon as I finish decluttering the whole house (just the kitchen and half the sewing room to go) I will start on the first and re read them slowly.

Satya said...

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