Thursday, April 29, 2010

I am filled with ennui.....

I am drowning in a sea of tedium. There is no excitement in my life these days. Get up go to work come home watch TV or read and knit. That sentence would be more effective it it was written as one long word like thus:

Interject big SIGH........
I'm seldom bored as I have lots of things I would like to be doing, just not what I am doing right

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Relaxation Techniques

Two of my favourite books happen to be "Jane Eyre" and "Persuasion." Which just happen to be written by Charlotte Bronte and Jane Austin.
My latest relaxation technique, when I am unwinding before sleep, is to ponder what Jane Eyre packed in her trunk when she left Lowood School. As a teacher she was paid 15 pounds per annum, which even then was a pittance on the excuse she would have no expense, her room and board was covered and she "would keep no society." So what did she pack? I seldom get past a night dress and cap before I fall asleep. It is all about distracting my mind from reality.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More comments on the news of the day....

The latest rumour is that William Shatner is being touted for the post of Governor General for Canada. This is an honorary position as the Queen's Representative in Canada. The residence is Rideau Hall in Ottawa, an elegant and stately mansion.
I was very much relieved to hear that he does not feel he would be suitable for this position. I had visions of the quaffing of Romulan Ale at state dinners and memos written in Klingon. He would have to have the guys from the Big Bang Theory on staff to translate. It is a wise person who knows his limitations.
Now that this is settled may I suggest the 10,000 + people that signed the petition on facebook would be better served putting their attention toward the petition against Karla Homulka, AKA Leanne Teale, getting a pardon. The country is going to hell in a handbasket. It is a travesty of Justice that this murdering bitch is even out of jail now she expects a pardon. If you are not familiar with the case go "google" her. The whole thing turns my stomach.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Necessity is the mother of invention.

This has got to be the neatest idea I have seen in a long time. I have cords at the office that always seem to fall down the back of my desk. I plan on implementing this when I get to work.

Red letter day. I have lost a stone. Back in November I mentioned that things seemed to have shrunk in the closet. Well, it was a bad time of the year, right before Christmas, then I lost my Mom and well, my motivation went out the window. It is back! My sweet man asked me the other day," How's the diet going? Have you lost any weight yet?" God love him.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

What the heck is Earth Day actually?

Today, I am informed by the morning radio, is Earth Day. Ok now what? Do we send flowers? Has our life become so regimented that we need a day to remember the earth? It isn't as if it is hard to miss. Or am I just being picky? Just add it to the pantheon of Secretary's Day, Grandparent's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Flag Day, and on infinitum.
I am sorry but I really don't see the need for these "Days." Be respectful to your parents, your employee's and your environment every day. Mind you if I don't get a Mother's Day card I will be crushed.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once upon a time children went outside to play.

When I was a child, back in the dark ages, before electronics we couldn't wait to get out of the house. Going out to play was a commandment. Spring meant roller skates, oiling the bike, a new skipping rope and the luxury of a new "Indian Rubber Ball." They were the best bouncers. My father used to sigh when he saw the sidewalk chalked up with hopscotch patterns. We picked pussy willows in the spring and tiny violets in the summer. I thought nothing of riding my bike miles across town to the lake, just to eat my sandwich and read for a while in the peace and quiet. Gone all day, on my own, no cell phones either. The whole purpose of going out was to get away from my mother.. I wince now, but hey I was normal.

We knew how to play out side and keep a low profile. Holy, you did not want to drawn any adults attention. You might get sent inside.

This week, at work, we got a frantic call from a home owner. Let me explain that high efficient gas furnaces have an exhaust out the side of the house. This exhaust does not have a screen or any other ventilated cap. It is vital for the furnace that it remain open. Which is why it should be checked for leaves blowing into it in the fall. Anyway, "Junior" had been sent out to play.
He didn't want to be outside when his computer/TV/DVD player and X box were IN the house.

He put the garden hose up the vent shaft and turned the water on. Water was pouring out of the furnace flooding the basement. She called us to say there was something wrong with her NEW furnace.

Our technician almost had a stroke when he got there and saw the mess. Of course her warranty is null and void and all repairs will be their responsibility.

Being a mean mother, just ask my kids, I would make that little beggar pay back every penny. There would be NO computer/TV/DVD player and X box.

It is more than likely in this "no accountability" society he will get away with it. Damn good thing he's not mine.

P.S. Don't forget to contact me to collect your free thingamaboob!!!

Make that appointment for your mammogram today or join "Thingamaboob" on facebook.

Monday, April 19, 2010

It's all about "The Girls."

This past week I received an interesting email from the Canadian Cancer Society. Too many of us have been touched by this terrible disease. Either personally, our friends or family members.

There are moments when we can do nothing but weep in frustration when we witness the effects of this terrible disease. We encourage, we pray, we walk, we fund raise and we battle.

There is something else we can do and that is BE INFORMED!

Every other year, in my birthday month of May, I have a Mammogram. The boob crusher, call it what ever, I go and have it done. Does it hurt? It is uncomfortable but only for about a minute.

Why bother? About 10 years ago, whilst having my yearly check up the Doctor found a lump. I had done hap hazard breast self exams. I didn't find anything. How many of us think we are impervious? These things happen to "other" people. I was stunned. I had the lump checked out by a specialist. The biopsy reported "a water filled cyst". I opted to have the cyst removed. Day surgery, in and out. I was lucky. Damn lucky. As I am now a member of the "over 50" club I have my mammogram every two years with out fail. I want to encourage you to do the same.

As women, we often tend to put everyone else's needs ahead of our own. You need to take the time to do this for YOU.

The Canadian Cancer Society has kindly provided me with some of these "Thingamaboobs" for my readers. These beads, ranging in size from an apple seed to a cherry tomato, represent the various sizes of lumps and when they are detected. Respond to this blog post, telling me you have booked your appointment for your mammogram AND/OR join the Thingamaboob" group on Facebook and I will gladly contact you and make arrangements to send you your own thingamaboob so you can pass the message on. You can click on the image below to enlarge.

Ladies, we owe it to "THE GIRLS." Lets not fail them now.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Just a bunch 'o stuff....

Love this picture. Starting the day with a little humour beats the heck out of being grumpy. Waking up in good health should be enough for anyone.
Speaking of Grumpy...I had a run in with the car insurance company this week. My policy was renewed, I am supposed to be grateful, and then they wanted double my monthly payment the first month for first and last. ????? and they tried to take it from my account 5 days before it was due. Well, you know what happened. Mayhem.
Enough of that I will only get myself worked up all over again. Folks I am here to say that along with death and taxes the insurance companies are another thing we can not escape. Scum sucking bottom feeders. Sorry, that wasn't very lady like.

Back on the humour front.....I do appreciate clever people. This handy warmer may not be suitable for the office but when I have finished paying taxes and the insurance company I may have to resort to cooking on the above.
...only kidding

Friday, April 09, 2010

Another Saturday.....

Yes, I know it is Friday but the last two days have felt like Saturday to me. Yesterday I managed to sort out 3 grocery bins and 2 grocery sacs of books and one sac of DVDs from my little room. I stopped off at two places locally and came out with $92.00 not bad when you consider I only unloaded the equivalent of 1 and half bags. The boot of the car is still full to brimming.
Canadian Tire is selling these plastic boxes, shoe boxes is what they call them, any way they are perfect for yarn. I am trying to round up all my sock yarn and lace weight in a place where I can see exactly what I have. This will mean closet diving today. It is pretty bad when the cedar chest is full and I start putting bags of wool on the closet floor. Shame on you Susan!
I had thought of taking a trip today but the weather is turning back to Canadian Spring. Cold with perhaps some snow flurries. I am leery of icy roads so I will stay in and work on the bears. Happy to report that I have almost finished the knitting portion of this project. The plan for today is to do just that and weave in the last of the ends. If the sun comes out tomorrow there will be pictures on the knitting blog. I am looking forward to the stuffing and embroidery as then they will come to life.
My project list, "What I am going to knit when the bears are finished," is getting longer. I now have wool for a sweet little spring sweater and yesterday I came home with some cotton for a summer sweater.....sigh. That is why I am using clear plastic boxes. I can see the yarn colours on the shelf. Then there is the rose tablecloth. I have the cotton for that too...yikes
I have swatched for the Queen Susan Shawl Project but haven't had the time to actually begin. There are just not enough days in the week
Afternoon TV is the pits so today it will be a Jane Austin marathon staring with Pride and Prejudice...woo hoo

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Why am I NOT at the office?

Here I sit sipping coffee at 7:55am. A time when I should be sitting at my desk. I had yesterday off and today and tomorrow.

Good thing: I get to go shopping at Little Red Mitten and knit on the Bear Project and watch TV in the middle of the day ( I have special channels in HD).

Bad thing: No work no pay. Should not be going to wool shop.

...sigh... Some people drink...what can I say?

So this week I am having a taste of retirement. Work is very slow at the moment so I am temporarily "laid off." Next week I know I am working so there is no panic. Yet.
As aforementioned I went to Little Red Mitten yesterday to buy a ball of brown wool to finish the bear knitting. I succumbed and all will be revealed on the knitting blog.

Today I am going to finish sorting the craft/computer/my den room. I have so many books, a result of years of sewing and knitting. I put about 10 quilting books on Kijiji. Asking price was a fifth of the value. Not one nibble. I have knitting books I have long past the need for as well. Britt's Mom works for a used book shop and I think I shall just pack them up and take them to her. It is a bit of a drive but as I am not working tomorrow. I may just do that. We will see. Now, that really gives me motivation to finish sorting today. I have a small TV in there so I will put on the Gosford Park DVD ...again...and get to work.

I received an interesting email from the Canadian Cancer Society asking if I would like to participate in an awareness program through the blog. There will be a "prezzie" to those who respond. Sounds like fun and motivation to take care of "the girls." More on that later!!

Monday, April 05, 2010

Another weekend flies by....

The car was repaired by 1:00 ish and Julia and I were off to the Little Red Mitten. Julia was looking for black yarn to make a chunky jacket. I was "along for the ride."
We both fell in love with this little quick knit jacket pattern from Diamond Yarns AND their merino and silk yarn.
Julia will be posting more about this on the knitting blog.
Yesterday we drove up to Kincardine to take Julia home and visit with Michael and family. Youngest son and his love came with us. Michael was having computer issues and beside vising his brother our newly Graduated I.T. Technician had an opportunity to impress his older brother.
We presented a rather hysterical picture when we paused for a comfort stop. When the doors to my little Neon opened and 4 adults, one husky and one dachshund emerged. The bell tolls it is 7:00am and I must get ready for work.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Was it ever thus?

Car woes. There was an ominous "BANG" from the rear of my car whilst Julia and were on the way to the grocery store. Julia thought I had run over a "bum". Thank you for that. I thought the tire had blown. Neither, my brakes were not responding fully AND a chorus of metallic sounds accompanied the drive of 6 blocks home.
I expected Carl to be able to diagnose the problem and tell me how much it will cost.
After all he has the man gene right? He can tell you when a piece of music was written, who sang it, when and who published it but he was disappointing me in the Car Diagnoses Dept.
He got on the phone to the Auto Pro dudes who fixed the brakes last year and they talked "man." The up shot was. Don't drive the car!
So here I sit with my morning coffee awaiting the tow truck. This is seriously cutting into my wool shop plans this afternoon with Julia.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Spring has Sprung....

and thankful I am too. I finally saw my first pair of robins (not this two) . The true harbinger of spring.
The snow is gone and we shall be enjoying balmy temperatures today and tomorrow before things return to a more realistic spring.
Youngest DD is here for the weekend and we are going to be working on the Teddies for Tragedies Project. Carl is working on Saturday and I hope that Julia and I will be able to take a packed lunch and go down to the Thames River with the dog. If all goes well pictures to follow.
My ennui is dissipating with the cold weather and I am slowly feeling better. As my eldest DD says " I need sunshine." Time is the great healer, "they" say. I still miss my mother terribly and always will. It is the "getting used to" part that I am having a problem handling. I keep wanting to call her or tell her something...oh crap there I go again. She aways said my tear ducts were connected to my bladder.
Back to the weekend. I promised Julia a trip to m LYS "Little Red Mitten." Last outing was when Corinne was here and she bought me a gift certificate. This means I can have guilt free shopping. Woo Hoo. The long weekend beckons and I am happy to embrace it.
Enjoy the lovely spring weather and have a blessed Easter.