Monday, December 14, 2009

What a day!

Thirty years ago around lunch time today I first held my "chosen sweetie." He was 5 and half months old and was so wonderful to hug. His father and I met at the adoption agency office with our social worker and the baby's. Her name was Miss Rose and she wanted to meet with us before she felt comfortable parting with her charge. He was an adorable baby and everyone loved to snuggle him.

Now he is tall and slim with premature grey in his black hair. Hard to believe he was such a butter ball. I am so proud of the man he has become.

Today was my Grandmother's birthday. I called her Nana my children called her GeeGee ( short for Great Grandmother). She passed in her 97th year. Today she would have been 113 yrs.

A class act all the way from her high heel shoes, White Shoulders perfume and her ever present string of beads. She has always been my example. I miss you Nana.

To round out this emotion filled day, is the status of my mother. We went to see her yesterday at the hospital. She was asleep when we got there. My first impression was "Mummy where did you go?" There is hardly a lump in the blankets she has become so small. She is loosing her brightness and her concentration wanders. I took the unprecedented action of signing on her behalf for a procedure that must be done and she refused last week. Without a "thorocentisis" (sp?) she will continue to go downhill. The emotional impact of taking this action has over whelmed me. My mother has always been a commanding presence in my life. My father used to say she could teach a Scots man how to be frugal and a Sicilian how to hold a grudge. Suffice it to say you didn't cross her. Now she is a frail little person. There are risks involved but the risk of not doing it outweighs any other. My brother's are in full agreement it has to be done. Hopefully as her breathing improves she will get stronger physically as well as mentally. So, I am a wreck.

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Karen :-) said...

I am so sorry Susan to hear your mom is not doing well. It is so hard and sad to see a parent like that. I had that with my dad.

My grandma too died when she was 97. She was a wonderful gramma and I miss her very much too.

I pray God gives you the strength you need.