Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas week.......

If you haven't read Franklin's latest cartoon then I would suggest you go do so now. I laughed so hard.
Here we are at Christmas Week and I am over whelmed. My mother is on the elevator of reality again. When I got there yesterday she very politely asked me,"...and may I ask who you are?" Then the "doors open" so to speak and she is back with us before she is gone again to another floor. It was a very stressful visit. My brother will be at the hospital today to demand some explanations. We will have a conference via Skype tonight.
My computer at work did a nasty on Friday...ahem...user error. Sometimes we can't blame everything on computers. Good thing I have my own personal IT Tech. About 8 hours to unscrew what I screwed up. Go figure one click at the wrong time.
I discovered a new toy and amused myself last night creating Tattoons of my nearest and dearest.

I dare say they will have no trouble identifying them selves. I am going to do the grand daughters next.

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