Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ginko Biloba in my front yard!

The branches are like paws waving in the wind.

I have been asking everyone from the day I moved here, "What is this tree?" No one could answer me. Back in the school days beyond we were charged with pressing leaves in waxed paper,(no resemblance to that stuff they sell now) and labeling great sheets of Bristol Board with them as class project. I have a rather large repertoire of leaf designations in my brain sans the identity of this one.
It took a door to door salesman, who happened to be a botany student from the university, to tell me. Rather, he told me before I asked him. I answered the door chime and he spurted," Would I be interested it "whatever" and DID I KNOW WHAT I HAD GROWING IN MY FRONT GARDEN?" I am almost expecting a parade of university students this fall to observe said tree and discuss it's status in hushed tones.
It is the best known example of a living fossil!! How about that?
This fossil is from British Columbia. The Ginko Biloba Tree is on the endangered list as "threatened."
Our tree is a mere infant compared to this one from Belgium. It appears ours is a "male" as I have never observed any seeds. However, I understand ginko has an anti aging property.
Maybe I better go harvest a few leaves and make tea.

I wonder if I should call David Suzuki?


Happyone :-) said...

Those trees are awesome!

Knitman said...

I'm very surprised to read that it is an endangered tree, because I'm fairly certain this is a supplement, you can buy and health shops! Who knew it was a tree, I certainly didn't.