Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will it never end?

There are experiences in life that drastically change us forever. We are of course a product of all our experiences but some things truly have a life altering effect.
As the years go by we learn to "live with" these memories. Only the most naive expect us to "get over it." We don't. We carry the wound inside forever. Periodically something happens that brings that experience to the forefront of the brain. It threatens to absorb our thoughts, the scab is, effectively, ripped off and the wound bleeds again. Having your tormentor defended in any situation is unconscionable to us. When ones children are involved the rage is comprehended only by another mother. I am getting to old for all this drama. I should adopt the ancient Jewish custom of burying a box of stones and declaring the person dead. Maybe then I would gain some peace.


Happyone :-) said...

Sorry about whatever it is you are going though.
I agree we don't ever get over some things, but I believe times does make it easier, at least for me it does.
Hang in there!!

Abbeysmum said...

Sorry to hear you are troubled.
Light a candle and ask for help for you and your child.Write down the things that are causing you to be upset, affirm that you will not give them power and strength by worrying and then use the candle to send them up in smoke.
Please take some quiet time, guidance often pops up when you least expect it, you can then do all in your power to help the situation.