Friday, July 02, 2010

The True North Strong and Free.

Yesterday I was at work for most of the day. The powers that be decided that we should work on the 1st and then have a 3 day weekend. At the time it seemed like a good idea until the day arrived. The phone never rang..oh bliss..but the thought of everyone else swanning around pools with a brew was most disconcerting. Then the computer went tits up and I didn't get to do month end. I got sent home at 2:30 with a full days pay. I love my boss.

We stood in our garden last night and watched the fireworks going off in the park behind us and I sent up a silent prayer of thanks to my Higher Power. I live in a free country where explosions of light and thunderous noise is in celebration of life not death. We live in a safe country where our biggest complaint is the HST, well taxes in general. We go out of our way to welcome anyone who wants to live here and compromise our life style to accommodate theirs. Not perhaps the smartest thing we do but, we are what we are.....Canadian!

I am fiercely proud of my cultural heritage. I think it is important that everyone acknowledge their roots. This is Canada the great melting pot. Stir us up, bake us in the summer and freeze us in the winter and we come out CANADIAN. My children are CANADIAN. My grandchildren are CANADIAN. I live in the BEST country in the world.

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