Thursday, August 19, 2010

The last ten pounds from hell,

If the gods have blessed you and you have never struggled with your weight then you had better leave now. Go on pack up your knitting and your skinny bum and take off.
I am frustrated beyond belief. This last ten pounds just won't go away. It is stuck in bits all over me and although I appreciate the fact that I am much healthier in reality I WANT THIS LAST BIT GONE. Specifically the Two pounds that keep coming and going and have been doing same for the last month. I will not be a dumpy little old lady. Five foot three is a respectable height and a proportionate weight is all I ask. This summer has been a blister and I am SO glad I was not hauling around all that weight, oo it would have been nasty. My dear sweet man was shocked when I mentioned I had 10 more pounds to loose. He exclaimed,"Where," when I was bemoaning my lack of progress.

Joan from Little Red Mitten recommended this book. We have been talking 4 ply fingering, Mary Tudor and total knitting insanity. She sent me an email telling I had to read this book. What a scathingly brilliant idea. So why didn't I think of writing it? It is a light read and I am enjoying it very much ... kicking myself the whole way for not thinking of it myself. Ce la vie! All the better if it distracts me from my nemesis, the scales. On my way out the door Carl called me "Skinny Minny" ....sweet man...he can be tactful.


Happyone :-) said...

How about just upping you exercise a bit more.
Those last few pounds are always the hardest!

Abbeysmum said...

I too couldn't shift the last bit years ago,(after breastfeeding) I cut down on food to the point of feeling sick but that didn't work. Having to round up and separate calves from Mums every afternoon ON FOOT did the trick.
These days if I put on a few kilos I do extra yoga and have big salads for dinner most of the week.
I am vegetarian , today is my 63rd birthday, good luck with finding the exercise that works for you.

Susan said...

Thank you both, did I mention I break out in hives at the mere thought of exercise....shudder. I am the most non athletic person I know. You are both right I am going to have to shift myself onto the Glide Master....waaahhhh

Happy birthday and welcome to the group. 1947 was a stellar year!