Thursday, November 04, 2010

This is how I am doing it.

Everyone keeps asking me, "How did you loose the weight?"

This is a typical evening meal for me: I am all about the fast and easy.
This looked so good tonight I had to take a picture. Took 10 minutes to make. It was delish!
And I am well satisfied. I use Rancher's dressing instead of butter on my veg.
Here is what I did. In a small shallow fry pan
I lightly fried 5 fresh mushrooms cut in half in about a tablespoon of olive oil, on a low heat
Move the mushrooms over to the side and add a fillet of fish ( tonight it was tilapia)
Cover and let it simmer
While it is doing that I cut up a small tomato and cleaned a handful of broccoli florets
Took the lid of and dumped the tomatoes and broccoli and and covered again.
Then I got some grated Cheese out of the freezer about 2 tbs and some dried cranberries.
Checked the fish it was moist and flaky ( about 5 min). Drained the water off ( from the tomatoes) and added a splash of juice from an opened can of mandarin oranges. Covered and turned the heat up for a minute or so.
Gives it a taste of orange.
Reserved about 25% of the fish for my lunch for tomorrow.
Put all the rest of it on the plate, sprinkle with the thawed cheese and the berries. Garnish with rancher's dressing
Serves one.
Girl Soup
Yes this is me in the hot tub last weekend with two of the grands. It actually started to snow. The steam keeps the air around you remarkably warm, getting out was another story.

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