Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness

We are bombarded with images everyday. After a while we don't "see" them anymore. We may even become annoyed at the repetition. I am sure at some point we have all said, "It is October and here comes those pink ribbons again." The company that Carl works for has designated one of the Air Buses as the "Pink Ride" and the image of the jet on the side of the Sprinter is now painted a bright pink.
We should not loose sight of what those pink ribbons represent. I have encouraged women every where to get a mammogram. Finally I listened to myself put aside my busy schedule and made my appointment. That was about six weeks ago. A week after I received THE phone call. The one that says, "The radiologist would like you to have an ultra sound. There is an abnormality (AKA "a lump") in your left breast. We have made an appointment for you on October 4th." ( five weeks away at that time). Too bad I wasn't a politician or a sports figure I would have been in the same day.
So this morning after killing off millions of brain cells in the last five weeks alternating between sure it was nothing and doing the "OMG OMG what if scenario" Carl and I went to the clinic.
London has a new Breast Screening Center at St Joseph's. I had a Digital Imaging Mammogram and an Ultra Sound AND the results all in two hours. I have a stupid little water filled bubble. All that worry for water. I have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.
If it had been Cancer I would have had the best chance of a complete recovery because of early detection. If your reason for not making an appointment is because you are afraid they may find something, well that is pretty silly. You can not be so busy that you ignore your health. Get off the procrastination highway and make your appointment today.

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Abbeysmum said...

So happy to hear all is well. We are all guilty of putting things off, hope this will shake up everyone to get on the phone and make an appointment.