Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Antiques and micro chips

I made reference the other day to the "voices." This is how my daughter refers to her characters fighting to be heard when she is in the throws writing. She is on her third (or is it fourth) book and I am not even out of the starting gate. I think I need a mentor. With a big stick.
Through the devices of the WWW I heard from a dear friend with whom I had lost touch. One day whilst wondering where she had ended up, I posted on a search wall. About a year later she whimsically googled her own name. She was shocked to find a post saying "looking for..." It was good to touch base with her and I bring this up to say she was my "big stick." The one thing she said was, "Harry Potter," should have been mine...lolol She always believed I had it in me to write a blockbuster.
So I have this first draft written. It is unmitigated drivel and crap and I would be embarrassed for anyone to read it. Having said that it has some redeeming features. My early morning voices have added to the mix and now I am thinking of combining 2 story ideas into one. Or jacking the whole miss into the tip. There is no reference to knitting in either of the plots. Considering the state of my aforementioned knitting this is probably a good idea.

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