Friday, July 23, 2010

Humidex and fuzzy hair

OMG the humidity today is brutal. Never ever wash your hair on a humid day. I am a mass of fuzzies. This is the day I really appreciate all the weight I have lost.
My camera has gone on a short holiday, without me, and will be back next week. So, more gratuitous pictures of THE car and the daisy on the dash will have to wait. Someone had the nerve to honk at me this morning because I didn't go around the corner fast enough to suit them. HELLO??? I am driving a new car! Wild abandonment driving will resume at a later date. Yesterday some boob decided at the last minute not to turn left from the left turning lane but to go straight and cut me off. Very pleased to report the brakes and the horn work extremely well. I felt compelled to make a hand gesture which under normal circumstances is entirely out of character. I chalk that up to new car stress.

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