Monday, November 29, 2010

A month of waste

It is true and no mistake that as we age time flies by. I lost the whole month of November. It slipped into the time warp continuum or what ever. Anyway I find myself staring December in the face. My Nanowrimo failed and I feel a waste as well. Watched "Julie Julia" on Saturday and I know exactly how she felt. Where Julia Child was her inspiration Elizabeth Zimmerman is mine. Woe is me I have no direction. Carl says I am too hard on myself.
However, I have 2 pounds to go to reach my self imposed goal weight so I guess I am not a complete waste.
I do have a vague memory of this picture being taken. My snow suit was blue. Jodphur ( spell check doesn't even recognize this word...riding pants) pants were very desirable because there was lots of room for your dress. Little girls in 1950 wore dresses you know.
I have two Christmas "do's" coming up. Next weekend will be gallons of tea and tears as 4 of us child hood friends will get together. Three sisters and myself. Our mothers were the BBF of the day. Mine was "Mrs. C" to them and theirs was "Mrs. K" to me. In the 50's, it was not thought respectful for children to address adults by their Christian names.
We have not all been together in one place in probably 30 years. This will be a tissue and camera time. If only our mothers could see us now..
Then the following week will be The Family Brunch. My daughter in law came up with the idea of us all getting together in lieu of gift giving. To have my dear man and all my children and grand daughters in one place at one time is gift enough for me. My youngest brother and family will be there, my other brother and nephews who are far away will be greatly missed. My Mom would be so happy that on this first Christmas without her we are gathering on what would have been my father's 87th birthday. It will be a very emotional time and I am such a softy I get weepy thinking about it. My Great Auntie Kate always said my tear ducts were connected to my
There will be lots of pictures in the weeks ahead. Time to dig out the Christmas jacket I made 17 years ago. Mom and I used to take turns wearing it. She wore it one year I wore it the next. This would have been her year so I will wear it to the Brunch.
So, on top of everything else I am laid off. Now doesn't that suck? Hopefully it won't be for a long spell. I have a message for the Canadian government. The HST did not stimulate business. It is not helping the small business man. We never wanted it. Do you know how much 13% is on a new furnace and air conditioner? More than I make in a week. That is WHEN I was working. What a bunch of fatuous #$%*.
Stay tuned for more exciting news next time.....

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Happyone :-) said...

Sounds like one fantastic reunion coming up. Have lots of fun!!
Sorry to hear you got laid off. Maybe a better job is waiting for you!!