Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lost, Misplaced and just can't find.

On this day 1928 the bread slicing machine was invented. Sliced bread, by which all good things are measured!

The heat continues in our part of the world. It was 45C in Port Stanley, on the lake, where it is supposed to be cooler than in the city. That's 120F and this is Canada and if we all lived in igloos, as some people think, things would be a trifle damp right now.
No, this is not my car I wouldn't have been surprised it my tyres had looked like this when I left work yesterday. Perrier ads are very apropos these days. Look at the camera lens, too funny.
I have done it again. Story of my life so it can not be blamed on age. I have misplaced something. It is very frustrating. I can hear my mother's voice in my ear, "If you have looked in all the likely places then go look in the unlikely places."...sigh

1 comment:

Happyone :-) said...

I didn't realize it got THAT HOT in Canada!!
I thought it was hot here at 100 yesterday.
You will have to stay inside in the AC and knit! :-)