Sunday, July 04, 2010

A new follower!

The lazy crazy days of summer are truly upon us. No summer holidays for me this year as we have opted to save our time for the winter and head south for 2 weeks in January. I mean way south and over to the Pacific side. With all that nastiness going on in the Gulf and Carl wanting to go to the Dominican or Jamaica...well, I guess we shall just have to wait and see.
My knitting has completely broken down. I am stuck in the mind numbing phase of the lace project. The Faroese wool is not working with the beautiful Aran pattern I bought through Ravelry.
So this means either a new pattern or new wool. Double crap. I think I shall have to put them both away for now while I "cogitate." I am waiting delivery of wool for a winter sweater so here's hoping that works out. In the mean time it is back to the project that has me bored to tears. Two more pattern rounds and at least I get to add some beads to the edging.
I am car shopping. Carl is having a fit. My little dodge is starting to cost me $$$ and I am concerned what will happen next. It is 8 years old now and I am thinking it is time to move it along. Carl just bought a 2009 Dodge Caliber. It was time for his 1997 Jetta TDI to go to the big car lot in the sky. It was a big decision and the time was right. He will miss his little diesel engine.

So.....Julia and I took a Smart car out for a drive. I loved it. I was a nervous wreck driving someone else's car and although the engine is different I am sure I could learn to handle it.
It was fun while it lasted. Practically speaking we get a lot of snow in the winter and some mornings our crescent is not plowed by the time I leave for work. Carl has safety concerns about me driving this car. "But, it is so cute." I wailed. Saner minds prevailed. So now I am looking at a VW Beetle.
I woke up this morning with, as Corinne would call it, "the voices," fighting to be heard. Maybe if I stuff a micro card in my ear at night some of these good story scenes would be recorded by morning. No? Oh well, I have enough bits of ideas to write another War and Peace. Which, yes I am rereading.


Granny's Girls said...

Your great mind will prevail. You will find that certain twist for your story. And the car will turn up with alittle bit of search. I am shur with patience an time everything will find a way to fall together.

Michael Beaston said...

beetles are not good in snowy weather last year my aunt hit what she thought was a snoball and it was a rock tore her oilpan slam off