Tuesday, November 30, 2010

In training for retirement.....

Day one of my "laid off" status or as I prefer to think of it "retirement training." Didn't accomplish anything earth shattering today. Started munching on yogurt covered raisins this morning to the point of nausea.
Henry VIII
Watched 10 lots of yarn NOT sell on eBay. Most disappointing. I had watchers but no bidders. The first week was very encouraging, this week not so much. I listed 2 collectible dolls. Suddenly struck me this might be a good time of year. I used to be into that sort of thing now I am just trying to downsize all the time. Who knows I could have a winner here? Who said I wasn't optimistic?
Venetian Clown
 So I had fun doing that. Tomorrow I have to do something a little more constructive.  Didn't knit a stitch today, at least not so far. My Nanowrimo didn't work this year, as I mentioned yesterday. Although I find that disappointing, and I have no one to blame but myself, I am going to set aside time each day and work on last years story. All is not lost. I just have to get into a routine.
See you tomorrow........

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