Friday, December 08, 2006

Why I May Not Get To Work Today!

That big white blob on the left is my red car.The blob on the right is Carl's Jetta. All this fell after I got home from work. Which was about 8:45 last night. These pictures were taken at 6:30 this morning. I carved a path through the powdery snow to the road so Carl could get on the van, they sent from work, to drive him to the yard. There is no way I can dig my car out. London is buried. The guy next door has a snow blower and stood there watching me while I shoveled. Um, excuse me, but have you ever heard of KARMA? I had to carve a path for poor Chloe to get down the side steps and out onto the yard. She was ready to walk right off the patio. She would have drowned in the snow. We must have got 3 feet!


FeyRhi said...

*ahem* Where the hell was Carl when you were digging a path and why didn't he at least help dig his own path?

Oh and a big *pttfffhhhh* at your neighbor. May he slip off the road into a snowbank and have to pay a toetruck a huge fee to pull him out.

Poor little Cloe. She is just a tiny thing you never would have found her if she fell in that snow.

FeyRhi said...

Oh yea and nice orbs in the pictures. I am assuming that it was snowing but some of those are not reflections off snowflakes.

Top picture just above the path on the left. There are what looks to be a snowflake on the top and a snowflake on the bottom but between them is an orb, not a snowflake. There are others once you know what to look for but that one is the easiest to point out. *G*

Myfanwy said...

The snow was very powdery and I was having fun. Having said that, that is all the shoveling I plan on doing for the winter.
Yes, I noticed the orbs!!! Now who could that be?
I never did see the picture you took at Meg's B-day. You and Michael had your heads together over one with an orb in it. Please send it to me.