Tuesday, December 12, 2006

What's On Your Christmas List?

I had an interesting conversation with my dear man last night. I pass this on to those of you with men who seem to screw up at gift giving time. This is what he said:
"Men have a difficult time shopping for their wives. If we see some lingerie we like we are afraid you won't feel comfortable wearing it or it will be the wrong size or you will think it is unflattering."
(Proving girls that our men do not percieve our bodies the way we do). He went on, " Women go shopping more than men. We haven't a clue where to find most things anyway. Women usually do the laundry (not a sexist remark..the truth) so you see when something needs to be replaced."
Men are afraid of not getting you something you really want because women usually expect us to "know". (If we can't read their minds they sure can't read ours).
So I sent him an e mail this morning with four suggestions, and the stores where they would be sold and in order of preference. We will see how well he makes out.

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