Saturday, December 30, 2006

Which way is up?

Which way to go........
O.K. I had the job interview yesterday. Whew there is a lot to this job. Three phone lines ringing in at once could be stressful. But, you know I looked at the other aspects and I think I would like it. The whole structure of the job is entirely up to me. There are things that have to be accomplished but how I go about it is my baby. My own office....needs to be cleaned and spruced up...and organized and my own bathroom! He said there are two bathrooms but as, and I quote,"Men are pigs" he will tell the other guys not to use that one and I won't be expected to clean their bathroom just the one I use. The pay is awesome. I am in shock over that however I think I will earn everypenny. He is thinking of moving the office to a new location in the future but he did say I could paint if I wanted. But it will be O.K. I may finish that wallhanging I was making, the batik stainglass one with the dragonflies. These guys are not prepared for a girly girl. I have just about decided to take the job. I want to talk to at least one of my kids just to bounce it off someone. Carl said whatever I want to do is fine with him he just wants me to be happy wherever I work. I am trying not to think about the money. There is a terrrific amount of responsibility. I sat at work last night and thought about it and you know there has to be more to life than counting beads. I like the teaching but I feel I am in a rut. I could be organizing advertising or dealing with suppliers more and the part timers could be doing what I do. Forty years experience in the workplace could be better utilized. This would cetainly call upon all my skills and I have another computer program to learn. I am old enough and smart enough to realize there will be things that will not go well, that is the nature of any job. You just have to suck it up and find a way. Now to drop the bomb at work! Oy vey, this is not going to be received well I can tell you. O.K. I have decided to take the job I would just like to bounce it off somebody and get some feedback. I hate change. It's ok once you do it it is just the transition!

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FeyRhi said...

Assuming that you haven't told them at work today then give me a call tomorrow morning. I'm working till later tonight. Don't quit till you have talked to me ok??