Tuesday, December 12, 2006

O.K. I got tagged!

Four Jobs I've Had:

Wow, which four do I pick.

Manager of the Video Department at Steve's TV - the best
Selling Wedding Dresses - the worst
Variety store with a lunch counter - the first
Owning my own Wool Shop - the scariest

Four Places I have Lived:

Fort Erie, Ontario
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Milton, Ontario
London, Ontario

Four Favourite Foods:

Crunchy Salads with ranch dressing
BBQ salmon
Ice Cream

Four Movies I'd Watch Over Again:

Enchanted April
Pride and Predjudice
Phantom of the Opera
Sense and Sensibility

Four TV Shows I Enjoy:

Grey's Anatomy
Studio 60
Naked Archaeologist

Four Places I Have Travelled:

Dublin, Ireland
Cardiff, Wales
Pompeii, Italy,
Oaxaca, Mexico

Four Places I would Like to Visit:

Back "home" to Wales
Valley of the Kings and Luxor, Egypt
Easter Island
Macchu Picchu, Peru

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