Sunday, December 31, 2006

I have left the building!

Or rather I will be leaving the building. I spoke to the boss and gave her the word. I am taking the new job. My little Chinese girl I work with is unhappy I am leaving but she understands. Our new girl who calls me her "second Mom" is disappointed too. Too late to get cold feet now.
Tuesday I am going out for "curry" with a group of ladies (customers from the store), I will tell them at the restaurant.
In honour of this change of jobs and the New Year I got rid of the blond. Poor Carl came home to a brunette. I don't think he likes it much but I said lets wait a week and if it doesn't lighten up a bit ( the hairdresser said it would) Then I will go back to blond. To tell the truth I am not sure I like it either. I had gotten used to being a blond. Hmmm. I have a feeling it is going to be a little tense at work for the next 2 weeks. I am going to my new job on Tuesday (my day off) to start learning. I spoke to my son on the phone yesterday and his concerns were that this guy be "legit". I didn't realize that I had made it sound so casual. Last night we were at a card party with my new boss and other than his wife brought the job up to me, on the side, he and I did not discuss it. Our social time will be separate from work time.
Anyway, my son asked me these questions:
Are you happy in your current job?..........sometimes
Can you see yourself doing this for another ten years?.........nope
Is there any chance of expanding what you do?..........not likely
Is there any chance of making any more money?...........ditto
Is there any room for any advancement of any kind?....... nope
and the biggy,
What are the chances an opportunity like this will come along again?.........well duh, at my age?
So I have done the deed. Evenings and weekends off. Wow. It has been years since I had that.
So here goes, New Year, New Job...{:0) hair colour... }:0( ...

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FeyRhi said...

*ahem* Considering my genetics were influenced by your side of the family and I happen to be a brunette and you have been a brunette for the vast majority of my life....I'm glad to hear you came back to the dark side *G*