Monday, December 11, 2006

Mystery Beads

I bought some carved black beads. They are described ubiquitiously as black jet jade. Now this curiouser and curiouser because jet is neither jade and jade is neither jet. Jet is really coal and they are both black.
I have ten 10 mm beads and one approx 12 mm. They have flowers carved around the hole (what a waste) and a Chinese symbol carved on the front.
They are very lightweight and when I rub them between my hands they become very glossy.
Here is a little quiz: I have always pronounced "necklace" as neck-lus ( emphasis on the beginning of the word) I am hearing more and more..neck-lace ( emphasis on the end of the word).
What do you say?


FeyRhi said...

Neck-lus! Considering htat it goes around you neck it makes sense to put the emphasis on that part of the word.
Couldn't beging to guess what kind of beads they are but they're purdy *G*

artistjudi said...

I say Neck Lace' emphasis on the lace...since it's the decoration for the neck we're talkng about. My aunt says Neck-less. She likes the 'english way'
... so I guess it's a po-tato, pa-tto, toe-mato, ta-matto.. kind of deal! Depends on who taught you to speak! ;)

Merry CHristmas!!!
- Not- "happy frikin holidays".

Myfanwy said...

good point Judi. Must be my mother's fault..roflmao