Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My 15 minutes of Fame

Early in the fall of 2005 whilst surfing the net one day I happened across the Echelon Press web site. They were announcing a book idea for 2006. The book would be 12 "novellas" or short stories, one for each month, and as a "Reader Appreciation" they were looking for character names and personalities. The public were invited to fill out a form and tell why you should be chosen. So I did and then promptly forgot about it. In about Jan 2006 or so I heard back that I had been chosen and would be featured in the story for September. Yeah right, I thought. Well, yesterday I got an email from Yvonne Eve Walus of New Zealand with a copy of her story attached. So there I am! How about that?
When you click on Echelon Press go to "Readers Win". see me there? The only Canadian in the group!

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