Wednesday, December 13, 2006

I am devistated!

Today I went to Loblaws at 1pm to pick up some cookies for the "Bead and Break", which I host every Wednesday afternoon at the store and is held at 2pm.
My car acted funny at the stop sign and then I pulled into a parking space. To cut to the chase my car "bled" it's transmission fluid all over the parking lot!
I called Carl who came and looked at the mess and said," Well where do you want to go?" My car is only 3 yrs old so off to the dealership we go. Back to the car. The tow truck comes which is covered under my purchase agreement with Dodge. No charge there. Probably the only break I am going to get. Weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth!
Evidently the transmission hose has exploded off the rad ( read: Now the rad will have to be replaced) and they will call me tomorrow with a more detailed report ( Read: More money) and an estimate! They charge $85 an hour I make $11. I was gone 2 hours, to buy cookies, now I owe the store 2 hours work, which means I have to go in early on Friday.
Now, I am faced with having to return my Christmas shopping to pay for my car repairs. Sarah the new girl at work, (she drove me home) says I have good Karma. Bless her, from her mouth to God's ear!
The last 24 hours have been the pits. My ex sent me a Christmas gift after I repeatedly told him to leave me alone. I promptly went to Canada Post and sent it back. I should have looked at the return address before I signed for it. I was thinking my mother had sent me something. This of course caused undo stress for my present man and me. *big sigh* Oh Joy Oh Bliss!
We received a beautiful Christmas card today from Carl's cousin and his wife. I needed that when I got home. They are such a sweet couple.
I am waiting for Carl to get home from work. I didn't get any lunch today with this whole fiasco , but, my appetite suffers when I am under stress. As my dear friend in Nova Scotia would say "fmg". *sigh* again.
I think I will go get some bread and butter.......and a box of kleenex......I am feeling a little over whelmed.

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