Friday, December 15, 2006

Just as I feared!

The good news is the transmission wasn't damaged. After that it is bad news like a snowball.
I have to get a new rad, new transmission lines plus fluid, the engine has to be cleaned and I have to have a new thermostat. When the lines blew, water, transmission fuid and anti freeze all mixed together and my engine is full of a white goo. Parts, labour ($85.00 and hour remember) and taxes ( let's not forget the government, after all they just voted themselves a 25% pay increase) will bring the bill to about $1.300.00. Sorry, I just had to pause and wipe my mouth I gagged again.
I will be left with $37 in my savings account and I will have to borrow some money from Carl to get this done. Of course I hadn't finished my Christmas shopping, I have 5 minutes left on my phone and the car payment is due. If this is what you get with "good Karma" all the bastards out there had better watch out!


Mechele Armstrong said...

Ack I hate car trouble. Hope it gets fixed soon. And sorry on the added expense.

Myfanwy said...

Yes, *sigh* it is a drag but what can you do? I'll survive...however,I am still royally ticked off. So this winter when I think of the vacation I would like to have been on I can go and sit in the car in my bathing suit and turn the heater up...roflmao