Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stupidity !

The topic of adoption came up in a conversation today. I could not believe the words coming out of this woman's mouth. Get this...she said adopted children get in to trouble more than other children or some such rot and then tried to justify it by saying something about not you not knowing the genetic make up of adopted children and they are pre disposed to get into trouble.
You know that moment when the blood in your body goes to your brain? It is the opposite of fainting. You suddenly achieve the ability to rise off the ground and become an avenging angel. I turned on her and yelled in her face. I AM AN ADOPTIVE MOTHER AND THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS "THE BAD SEED", THAT MYTH WAS DEBUNKED YEARS AGO. IF AN ADOPTIVE CHILD GETS INTO TROUBLE IT COULD BE BEACUSE THEY HAVE FELT DESERTED, UNLOVED AND LIED TOO!!! MY ADOPTED CHILD IS NO DIFFERENT THAN MY OTHER CHILDREN. CHILDREN OF THE MOST LOVING AND CARING FAMILIES SOMETIMES GET INTO TROUBLE. I was so pissed I could have slapped her. I walked away from her before I did. I did not speak to her for the rest of the day. I am still in a rage. She tried to back pedal and say she and her husband had considered adoption at one point but I was walking away from her. She does not want to bring this subject up again in my hearing. How is it possible in this day and age that someone can be that freakin stupid and ignorant. I throw my hands in the air!

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