Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What day off??

I did so much yesterday I need today off to make up for it. Iris called from work to say that the meeting was cancelled today. No big loss, I don't think we accomplish anything at it anyway.
Yesterday was baking day. At least I got started on making some cookies for Christmas. Carl was thrilled when he got home work and even though I had assured him I had tested them and they were fit for human consumption he said he had better check too. I even had a pot roast in the oven. AND I did the "L" word, AND I went grocery shopping, AND did a little Christmas shopping. Which by the way turned out to be a bust. I bought this neat little tactil beanny elephant thing for my granddaughter and when I got it home I discover it is stained. I am going to the OTHER Wal Mart in the city after work and look for another one. That bummed me out. Didn't watch a movie, Didn't get to knit a stitch. Big excitement while I was in Wal Mart they arrested some woman for shoplifting. You should have heard the screaming and carrying on. She had a potty mouth too. I live a sheltered life let me tell you.


FeyRhi said...

*sigh* I wish I could say the same. Busting shoplifters in my store is a regular occurance. Well the store I used to be in it was a daily thing. We had undercover floor walkers there. Of course in that, while wrestling with a man resisting arrest, a gun fell out of his pants. That is scarey I can tell you and boy was I glad when I got transferred.

Just get a toothbrush and a bit of soap and dry brsh it and I bet hte stain comes out. Most times it is just dust or dirt. You know who will love it *G*

Myfanwy said...

I tried to get the stain out but it was huge and disgusting. She would have noticed I took it back and drove across the city to the other Wal Mart and they didn't have another one. The search continues! Can you check your Wal Mart and see if they have one for me? I kept the pink and purple monkey squishy.I really really want the blue and lime green elephant.

FeyRhi said...

I will see if the one in Oakville has one. I didn't see them in Burlington.