Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Self,

I have been meaning to sit down and have a long talk with you. This has not been a good month for us and I have been rather harsh with you upon occasion. Firstly, let me apologize for calling you names. It was uncharitable of me and I regret being such a nasty cow. (oops, did it again). After all they do call them "accidents" for a reason. My rather unrealistic expectations of you have always been one of my greatest failings. Although I fear this will not change over night I promise to make a concentrated effort to be a little more understanding. You are talented and I have dismissed your abilities for too long. All the wishing in the world will not take back the mistakes you/we/I have done. We are who we are because of them and it is about time I let you bury the remains and stop digging them up. We deserve better treatment than we have had. Many of your actions were situation driven and in retrospect we could have been a little more discerning. However, heart has always ruled head with us and I seem to be the one crying about the past while you determinedly have gone on and forged a new life for us. It is truly time to consign the baggage to Air Canada they are good at loosing same.

Thank you Colin for bringing me up short. You were absolutely right and I had to tell Self she is a person I respect and I would not be here with out her.


Knitman said...

I am so glad to read this letter to yourself. Good for you! You will become lighter as you remember each day to be kind and gentle with yourself. It doesn't mean you are being lazy, soft or dumb. It means you have self respect and know how to value yourself.(You will find that you only have those in your life that also value and respect you.)

Granny's Girls said...

Mum, I think you are wonderful and that you should love yourself as much as I (Julia) do.
I am glad to read that you realize this and are feel the need to be honest to yourself.
You are strong and an awsome example for me to follow. I love you.