Friday, April 24, 2009

Wrong place/wrong time..that's me

So there I was driving down this street with my left hand flasher on. I slowed down at the corner because there was another driver at the intersection, at the cross street. Quick glance in my rear view mirror and I began to make my left turn. WHAT THE HELL. A ginormous gold SUV appears out of nowhere on my left and tires screaming, smell of rubber and whup he hits me. Sideswiped. He takes off down the street. I continue to chug around the corner. Shaking from head to foot. I can't get my drivers door open. I climbed out of the bucket seat and over the console to get out the passenger door. A man stopped and asked if I was OK. My left hand was burning sore, I don't know what I did to it. I reversed the process to climb back in when buddy in the SUV came back. Out I get again. His behemoth is fine. Nothing but a black plastic mark from my side mirror. I am the one with the broken light, hub cap and dinged side panel. I am so shook up I forget to get his info. After all he says he will meet me at the Police Collision Reporting Centre. He never showed up. More fool me. I am waiting to hear from the insurance adjuster, my insurance wants me to see a Dr. I am waiting for them to call back. My hand hurts. I was in an area of the city that I am not familiar with. Got stuck turning left to avoid traffic. Turns out I was on a one way street. "cringe" at least I was going the right way. My head aches from the stress.

"Left turn" wouldn't matter where I was, I will be held at fault. Not happy today in the extreme.

Have put kettle on for tea. Tea fixes everything...well almost
edit: I just found out that my insurance rating went from a 9 star to a 5 star and my rates next year will be at least doubled maybe more. I feel sick. Thirty Years with a clean driving record doesn't mean a thing. I am just lucky they didn't cancel me! I also heard that the other driver went and reported in.


happyone said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your ordeal. You poor thing. If I was there I'd give you a hug! :-)

Susan said...

Ugh, what an awful thing to happen to you. I know the car is damaged and your insurance premiums will go up (which seems unreasonable) but the main thing is that you're ok. So maybe do go along to the Doctor hmmmm?