Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Ramblings

All cyber hugs appreciated. I am still beating myself up over being so stupid. My hand is sporting a smashing bruise on the back and is a little weak. Good news ... I can knit ... so what could be the matter? I will go to the clinic after work. I couldn't get into the Dr on Friday as she was double booked. The car rental place was being an ass because I don't use credit cards and so the clinic was closed by the time I got there. Saturday started with trips to 2 more rental outlets after I had a melt down with the insurance company on Friday evening. Achieving a rental car at last I picked up Sandy and Corinne and went to the Knitter's Frolic..only high point of the month..and Sunday I laid around all day and had a pity party of 1. Today I am at work and it is one side of insane.

I am that distracted I forgot to wear earrings this morning. Those who know me will be greatly alarmed by this oversight as I would sooner be seen with out my knickers than expose my ear lobes. (When I win the lottery I want some of these...)

Sigh, I have a head ache and I wanna go home. Does anyone have any cheese I can serve with this whine. Every time I look out the window and see the rental car I want to gag.
On the way home Sat from, as I mentioned, a totally outstanding day, our heads giddy with the fumes of wool and fibre, we talked Sandy into starting a blog. I offered to set it up and promised to go easy on the girly theme. I think I did well and I encourage you to stop by and be amused. Once she gets into her "groove" her posts promise to be very entertaining. The Geezer and the Vintage Bitch are two of my most favourite people.


happyone said...

Went over to check out your friends blog and it gave me a chuckle.
Glad to hear that you can still knit! :-)

Knitman said...

you won't help your self by calling yourself stupid. Apologise to self immediately. May sound mad but I do and as a result I am much kinder to myself.